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Yoga Teacher Career Strategy
Become a Certified Yoga Health Coach
Intro Training Webinar:
Leverage your time. Earn a better income.
Step into the next level of dharma alignment.

Yoga Health Coaching Webinar- the 1 hour Intro Training

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Cate Stillman founder of


  • Learn the basics of Yoga Health Coaching - and see if you have what it takes

  • Learn the solid business/income model behind the Yoga Health Coaching Certification.

  • Learn how to leverage your time for income in your yoga career.

  • Get the basic secrets to accelerating your yoga students wellness journey.

I assume if you come that you are ready to make more money and help more people in your wellness career :)

"Cate, you're at exactly the right intersection
of heart-based integrity
and real-world business savvy."
 -- Marial Shea