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You want to do the Challenge for 5 Reasons:

  1.  IDENTIFY where most wellness pros + yoga teachers FAIL on a  dharmic career path
  2.  Get the INSIDER PERSPECTIVE on how smart people ACTIVATE   the financial potential of their deepest desires
  3. UNLOCK YOUR bigger dharma
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"When you're on the path to a bigger dharma stuff comes up. I know this first hand as I’ve grown Yogahealer by over 40% per year consistently for years. Career Dharma, especially in holistic wellness is an especially intense and awe=inspiring path.

Your bigger dharma (aligned career) will uplift and guide more people more deeply into thrive. As wellness pros I take our work seriously. We are here to make the difference we see our communities need. We are the ones who have the tools, the skills, the wisdom, and the inspiration to invoke the wellness evolution for the people who are ready to thrive." -  Cate Stillman

FREE embodied expansion practice


The Changemaker 10 minute Daily Practice 

Get a handle on getting stretched by your dharma.

Get the meditation/yogic practice to heed the call of your bigger dharma.

What People are saying about the challenge 

"I just watched the Dharma lecture. Really awesome. Made me think about where I am now and where I want to be. What is important to me. And loved that it is ok to want to have financial abundance as part of it." - Jewel Ker

"The Changemaker practice is crazy SPOT ON! Like, whoa. I saw that I need to do more dharma talk stuff -- engage with each student on a deeper level, PROBE, ask the hard questions (not just hold safe space) and then I saw the big scary monster. 

So I breathed. I expanded. No more big scariy monster. Just expanded me. Living a bigger dharma. Bam" - Dawn Reid

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Here at Yogahealer we've spent too much time watching some incredible healers and awe-inspired people give up on their calling of a greater purpose for the same reasons:

  • They don’t have a clear plan
  • Their vision isn’t reaching enough people
  • They get burnt out

If this sounds like you, if you think this could eventually be you, or if this is you… Then please register now for our Changemaker Challenge.


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Yoga Health Coaching founder and mentor.

Yoga Health Coach - Head of enrolment for YHC

She's also the founder of and authored the best selling Ayurveda book, Body Thrive. 

Cate is known for her ability to enable wellness providers to grasp and implement the necessary tools and strategies for their unique success.

Grace Edison is a ball of fiery energy from Canada who works in admissions for Yogahealer. She has been working in the financial planning industry for 10 years but recently realized she needs to help people align with their bodies and purpose before helping them get clear on their financial goals.

She is now a full time Yoga teacher, owns a small studio in Northern BC Canada and a certified Yoga Health Coach - oh and she has a son and daughter who are 8 year old twins!