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Your impact,  community and income growth skills are worth the time investment. As you take the Changemaker Challenge, do the training. Report on the forum. Receive the support and guidance that deepens your growth. 

Based on the lessons learned
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Double their Income while
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You earn your living (or want to!) with your wellness wisdom. 

You know the value of investing in your wisdom.

You see possibilities and take action.

You want more commitment from the people you help.

You're curious about growing your income.

You take great care of yourself knowing you model your behaviors.

You are curious about your blind spots and seek mentoring to grow.

You see your wellness colleagues as collaborators... not competitors.

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You Want Your Wellness Career to EVOLVE... NOW. 

Your Guides


Yoga Health Coaching founder and mentor.

She's also the founder of Yogahealer.com and authored the best selling Ayurveda book, Body Thrive. 

Cate is known for her ability to enable wellness pros from all domains to grasp and implement the necessary tools and strategies for their unique success.


Yoga Health Coach - Head of enrollment for YHC

People who connect with Anna often say that they enjoy an immediate sense of calm when we begin talking. As a Yoga Health Coach she enjoys the experience of deeply listening and affecting change in people. 

She cultivates the process of uncovering the root causes of feeling “out of control” with functional daily tasks or managing physical/emotional symptoms. 

She helps people experience a daily rhythm with an easeful approach to time management and to strengthen the connection in relationship to self, community and nature. 

Dana Skoglund

"Before I worked with Cate, I was struggling to make a living teaching yoga. I was determined what I love for a living so I decided to take the leap. and changing my life.

I've tripled my income thanks to working with Cate."


Jewel Ker

Dawn Reid

"I just watched the Dharma lecture in the Changemaker Challenge. Really awesome. Made me think about where I am now and where I want to be. What is important to me. And loved that it is ok to want to have financial abundance as part of it." 

"The Changemaker Challenge practice Cate guides you through is crazy SPOT ON! Like, whoa. I saw that I need to do more dharma talk stuff -- engage with each student on a deeper level, PROBE, ask the hard questions (not just hold safe space) and then I saw the big scary monster.

So I breathed. I expanded. No more big scary monster. Just expanded me. Living a bigger dharma. Bam."

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If you want, we can help you refine your plan, based on your unique desires and skills. 

If we can help you reach your goals, we’ll also let you know exactly how we can help you. If we have free video trainings or resources outside of  the Changemaker Challenge - we'll be sure to help you receive those too.


We love helping teachers, trainers and practitioners at all levels evolve their wellness career.

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