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Cate on Blogging

I started blogging way before this pic of my was taken. After I blogged for awhile I realized I could write a book.  

If you write a great newsletter - turn it into a blog post. We'll help you become know far and wide through our YHC community.  

Right something useful to your members, and your YHC comrades will share it with their members.  

The habits connect us around the planet. Dynamic groups and habit evolution is our method. We have so much in common.  

And each of our voices matter. Your voice matters. Start submitting blog posts for YHC. We'll get your words out. Give us something from your heart. Then, edit it into a gem. Then, submit your work. 

Why write a YHC Blog post? 

  • Get exposure.  
  • Become known within the YHC network.  
  • Improve Your Writing  
  • Develop Your Authority  
  • Build Your Subscriber Base  
  • Build Your Social Media Profile  
  • Get Quality Traffic  

We want to hear your voice, your lessons learned, your innovative teaching around the 10 habits, dynamic groups, growing your impact.  

We want to know how YHC is affecting your career, your members and your life! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have ready before I submit? 650-1250 word post Title Keywords identified Headshot Bio - 200 words max 

Do I need to edit my own post? Yes. Your post needs to be ready to publish.

When will my post be published? If we have everything we need from you, within two weeks.  

What are the best keywords for me to use? When you write your post, think of how someone might find it by searching google. Those are your keywords.  

What application should I write in? Use a google doc. In google you can use the spellcheck. When you are ready to submit, share the google doc. Then, cut and paste your share link when you submit your post. 

What happens when my post is pubished? You'll receive an email from us with the link to your post, and even copy to cut and paste or edit for you to share on your social links. We'll share it in the YHC forum, and announce it on the next YHC live sessions. 

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