FREE Masterclass for Experienced Wellness Pros, Holistic Practitioners,
Health Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Trainers, Therapists, Bodyworkers + PTs


In just 26 minutes, you’ll learn how to simplify your business to take back your time,
energy, and well-being
— all while making a bigger impact and more revenue

Which Yoga Teacher Type are You?

This TOOLKIT is for 3 Types of  Yoga Teachers + Wellness Pros:
Cate Stillman is a bestselling author, podcast host, and has been helping people realign their lives with Ayurvedic principles since 2001.

Key #1: You are experienced, competent, and get referred.

Key #2: You are ambitious and want to scale your impact, income and wisdom.

Key #3: You have more enthusiasm and knowledge than experience. Yet, an ambitious healer with a message.

* This free toolkit is NOT suitable for wellness pros-in-training as the content within is only relevant for those who have professional training and a clientele.


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