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I love to guide mid-life women with an interest in Yoga & Ayurveda into establishing sacred self care with greater physical and energetic integrity to support establishing and deepening a daily yoga sadhana and aligning with deeper clarity with their spiritual core and Dharma.

I specialize in Kundalini Yoga, meditation, pranic and subtle body energetics, Ayurvedic wellness and intuitive guidance . I have an ability to address mental health imbalances of anxiety and depression that create obstacles for healing and progression.

I'm a yoga and meditation practitioner since 1993, teaching yoga and holistic healing since 2003 and Director and owner of Opening Lotus Yoga -Resources for Vibrant Living in Holden, MA. I'm certified in Raja/Hatha Yoga, Subtle Body Yoga,Shambhala Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Health Coaching. I have several years of additional Ayurvedic wellness training including integration with Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness. I've been an active student of non dualism meditation as taught by Adyashanti for since 2004. I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology and deep knowledge of navigating mental health healthcare systems and supporting individuals with challenges with depression and anxiety.

I had a client who was a sporadic yoga student dealing with chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, exacerbated by the recent death of her parent. At the beginning of our working together, she had no consistent self care practice, erratic eating and sleeping schedules and significant work stress due to being laid off.

She participated in my Body Temple 10 Habits to Wholeness course with the intention to establish a meditation practice and improve her physical health by more exercise. Through the small steps she was guided to experiment with, she began to have a daily brief morning meditation, move her body in simple ways to activate the flow of breath and prana and move her habit of late dinners and late bed times back to reasonable hours. Her negative mood and depression began to ease, her fatigue began to lighten and her commitment to daily self care deepened. She commented that she wished she knew about these habits years ago, that it would have saved her a lot of suffering and pain. She is continuing with the practices and support.