Yoga Coaching Center How to BUILD a TRIBE

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Are you a wellness pro looking to take your career to the next level?

If you are like most wellness professionals, you probably work one on one with clients, which often leads to a plateau in income or impact.

This webinar explains how to switch your business model from 1-1 to a tribe.

If you

  • Are tired of dealing with unmotivated clients
  • Feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done
  • Don’t know how to organize a group
  • Want to have the following, influence, and confidence of other wellness pros on your radar

Then this webinar is for you

Your tribe wants you to find them. Watching this webinar is the first step to getting organized and standing your ground in a more powerful way so that your clients can find you.

Are you ready to commit to a bigger impact or bigger paycheck?

Sign up for the webinar here. And - begin to tap into the power of a tribe - bring a friend!

Maybe about sharing is caring, making sure to spread the word, help the others or make a first step to build a tribe. I promise, you’ll get more out of it. I have found time and again that when we come together with our peeps, we learn more. Help yourself and a friend out by attending together.

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Are you ready to

  • Do the most meaningful work of your life?
  • Feel supported in the development of your career?
  • Have members that evolve more quickly?
  • Become a master of delegation and empowerment?
Sign up for the webinar today! Don’t forget to bring a friend.

Benefits of attending

  • Your clients will receive more of what you have to offer
  • You’ll no longer drag along in income plateaus
  • You will learn how to build a tribe
  • Your new tribe will begin to grow of its own momentum
  • You’ll know your next action steps for doing the most meaningful and lucrative work of your life
Sign up for the webinar today! Don’t forget to bring a friend.