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Here is your quick 22-page Workbook. Pin worksheets to your fridge as you revision leading the journey to health + enlightened living!

Includes the critical questions you need to ask yourself now! Fill in the instructional worksheets and quickly redesign your career to make real money!

The Six Figure Yoga Teacher TOOLKIT Includes

Print the workbook. Journal in the pages. Get your mind organized.
YHC Masterclass
Learn a better way to lead the journey and make real money.
Mindset Trainings
Wellness pros have hearts of gold. Turn your heart of gold into a wellspring of results and smart investments.
Money + Sales Trainings

Wellness pros need to understand sales. Sales is a service. It’s job is to question deeply.
The result may be a lifelong client. Learn how to get good at soulful sales.


Many of the Wellness Pros who come to us hadn’t realized that another business model was possible. See how we focus on getting results faster for students and clients, with a scalable business, and future-proof our wellness careers to grow in an otherwise changing world.

Evolve your Wellness Career Fast!

(free) The Only Conversation Made Exclusively to Get Your Wellness Career on Track!
Your next step is a free Wellness Career Assessment Session. In this session, you find out what next steps you need to take to thrive in your career, your wellness lifestyle, and your bank account.

If you’re an experienced wellness professional wondering how in the world you’re going to make more money without finding more hours in the day,

Then I want to show you a much SIMPLER way to keep doing what you love without having to sacrifice so much of your time, energy, and well-being…

I’ve created a FREE masterclass for you to learn exactly how to scale your expertise without having to take more clients, book yourself out for more hours, or even earn more certifications.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, honestly, it is…

And I’ve been helping experienced wellness professionals take this step in their careers for the last twenty years.

The truth is, it is COMPLETELY possible to realign with your wellness business in a way that allows you to attract higher-quality clients

Have more time for your own health and well-being

And start feeling absolutely abundant when it comes to your finances.

It all comes down to ONE business model that I can show you over the next 26 minutes.

So if any of this resonates with you, then I invite you to watch the Masterclass below.



Find the Money: Sales Conversations

Time, Money Objections and When to Make an Offer

YHC Tip: Where to Find the Money for the Career Training you Need

Lead the Journey

In Lead the Journey, Cate guides you on a fast path to a simple, lucrative, deeply rewarding career. You’ll put together a better way of working with your people. In this training you will clarify how to synergize what you know to be most effective in your wellness career. Cate guides wellness pros to live their unique greater purpose and connect with committed clients. Live your career dream.



Lead the Journey: YHC Coaching Session


Mindset Shift Webinar – for Wellness Pros

Look within for Insight: Mindset Training with Cate Stillman

Mindset of Highly Successful People – Cate Stillman with Yoga Health Coaching

 Meet Cate Stillman…
founder of Yogahealer & Yoga Health Coaching

Cate Stillman is the Founder of Yogahealer, Yoga Health Coaching, and Yogidetox, as well as a bestselling ayurvedic author. Cate guides you to architect your body and your life in line with how you want to feel.

She is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder and author in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga and Dynamic Groups. She founded in 2001, and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012. She is renowned for leading wellness professionals to evolve their personal health and their community impact.

Our Mission

Yoga Health Coaching is a 24-month training to take your career to the next level. You’ll learn how to be an outstanding Yoga Health Coach, and accelerate the wellness path of your clients. You’ll learn how to get your students, clients or patients better results faster.

You’ll guide your own personalized transformational journey, that brings together all of your wisdom, plus we’ll guide you in how to coach the essential habits of yogis for modern living. You don’t need to be a practitioner to take this course and help your students.

5 Massive Benefits for YOGA HEALTH COACHES

  1. Test out a better business model by leading your journey in real-time
  2. Network yourself into a community of business-savvy wellness experts.
  3. Uplevel your wisdom on the essentials of yoga and ayurvedic theory for your students/clients/patients
  4. Design a better schedule for yourself, reflecting your wellness lifestyle!
  5. Our YHC’s get even healthier! Take your personal habits and health up a notch.

Member Stories

Dana Skoglund

“Before I took YHC, I was struggling to make a living teaching yoga. I was determined what I love for a living so I decided to take the leap, and changing my life.
I tripled my income thanks to YHC.”

Marc Holzman

“Cate has done something amazing: she seamlessly combines the Ayurveda Habits with building a healthy Yoga Center. Using this model, I’ve seen a rapid transformation in both my students and in my own business. This course works!”

Dr. Michele Colon

“YHC helped me learn Ayurveda through living the habits. This helped me be a better doctor, a better mother, and better in my own self-care.
Plus, you meet great colleagues!”

Get Coached by Cate
+ the Yoga Health Coaching Team

Each year, a select group of wellness professionals are greeted into a thriving professional community. They come out on the other end with a modern approach to their wellness career, and a scalable business.

Yoga Health Coaching provides Earn-While-You-Learn training. Meaning you’ll learn how to get health results faster for your clients, implement a smarter career model, and test the model during your training. You don’t have to scale back or pause your career, and the lessons you learn can be implemented immediately.

It’s perfect for those who have several years of professional wellness experience and would consider themselves busy, but still eager to realize the next level of their career.

You learn to coach a group, customize a lucrative package, enroll dedicated clients, and coach your program. You get business training alongside Ayurveda, Habit Evolution, and training on how to lead dynamic groups to better results.

The end result is uniquely yours. Your skillset continues to be at the forefront, reinforced by a community and resources that allow you to leverage time and guide your groups to transformative experiences.

Remember the co-created solutions I mentioned? With every new cohort of students, we’ve learned something new.

We take what works for them and revisit the curriculum. Every time.

Now, Yoga Health Coaching offers face-to-face, web-based live sessions and comprehensive webinars that allow you to evolve your career fast – and from anywhere.

The highly effective turnkey program you’re about to learn has been time-tested and improved upon over the last ten years.

Talk to us about your goals and current challenges in your wellness career. We can help.

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