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Proven Benefits

Earn More Money With A Proven, Turn-Key Career Model

Build Your Own Lucrative Membership Program

Earn-While-You-Learn Dynamic Group Training

AYURVEDA Habits Training, For A Focused You

Receive Transformative Coaching Skills to Teach Groups

Ability to Teach Habit Evolution, Get Better Results For Your Clients

Yoga Health Coaching

Accelerate Your Wellness Career

Yoga Health Coaching is a training for Wellness Professionals to take their careers to the next level.

Members learn a better and more lucrative career model and more effective way to get their clients and patients to results faster.

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Don’t miss your chance to live the wellness career of your dreams, backed by the lifestyle of your dreams.

Yoga Health Coaching is a community-driven certification course, developed and improved upon for over a decade, by experienced wellness professionals.
And now it’s available to you.

You’re about to learn how to leverage your time, guide groups through life-changing experiences, and build a lucrative career that exceeds your income and lifestyle goals.

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This show is supporting wellness professionals in evolution of their entrepreneur career.

Most online courses fail due to a lack of community building and peer support. They provide information, but no action. And left to one’s own devices, many fail. It’s not their fault – to pivot one’s career, it’s simply overwhelming… But we found a solution.

Rachel Peters: Leaving A Job to Work for yourself
Kate Towell: Wellness Pro with a better business model

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Dynamic Groups

People learn faster in a dynamic group. Even when that dynamic group is global and online. By participating in Cate’s dynamic groups you experience from a master how to lead your own members.

Better Habits

Developing your better habits for both your body and career is a positive compounding investment. We guide you to your own next breakthroughs and break the process down so you can guide your members into the keystone habits that will skyrocket their radiant longevity.

Membership Community

You’ll lead your own membership community much faster with our step by step process, app, resources and templates, enabling you to be more committed to the people who are invested in their health and eager to connect with you.

Don’t wait! The next Yoga Health Coaching training starts soon.

Cate Stillman has designed a dedicated space for wellness professionals to earn-while-they-learn.

Yoga Health Coaching is a 2-year certification program consisting of web-based Live sessions and comprehensive webinars that give you step-by-step guidance to transform your wellness career, and build a scalable business, meant to withstand any industry changes.

We share the latest career secrets including social media know-how and Zoom etiquette for the future-ready professional; no more outdated information…

When do you begin implementing your knowledge? As soon as you start.

You receive community-driven guidance. A better investment than any book, guide, or sales script. With a group of similarly minded, driven, individuals, we evolve together, as a team.

There’s a reason “community” is the cornerstone of Yoga Health Coaching.

Groups learn and grow faster than individuals and our community always pushes you forward. You’ll become a member of a supportive community of peers and create bonds that, for many, last a lifetime. Members enjoy a place to show up authentically, be supported and support others with trust and truthfulness.

You’ll enjoy the support of ongoing Live Sessions with Cate, along with a cohort of the most ambitious wellness professionals. Learn how to customize a package that works for you, and focus on creating profitable systems to sell out memberships by focusing on groups rather than individual clients.

Never coached a group before? We provide you all the tools you need to succeed. When you’re finished, you’ll have already led your first dynamic membership group.

The results are life changing. Fewer interactions with individual clients, higher earnings for you. Many of our students earn their tuition back within the first six months, are profitable, and most importantly, are making a positive impact in their community.

This is Yoga Health Coaching. Your personal evolution to a knowledgeable, more committed you. Wealthier, with more time to dedicate to yourself and your community. A leader who can work from anywhere and break through career glass ceilings.

It’s a game changing return on your investment.

“I’m inspired with Cate, peer mentors and peers supporting me in this creative process. I am feeling more in control to hit my goals on time. I have more success oriented goals! This turn key program is giving me fast and effective access to the structure and systems to drive my success. I’m loving it! And I quadrupled my return on investment in YHC in 4 months.”
Emily Glaser

Here’s how it works


Surrounded by the most ambitious wellness professionals, you’ll experience the dynamic group model. Together, you’ll be given the tools necessary to build a dream career and evolve your personal habits.


First, you’ll be a member of Cate’s Body Thrive Coaching group to see how to coach others and step up your own personal daily habits. We guide you, week by week, through the 10 Ayurveda habits, into tremendous wellness and personal growth breakthroughs.


After your first quarter of Yoga Health Coaching, you’ll start enrolling your own unique membership program. You don’t need to build it… we have you covered. We’ll lead you through actively applying the methods of transformative coaching, and you’ll do practice sessions to get comfortable working with clients on life changing habits.


Next, you’ll wrap up enrolling your pilot members into your membership program and get your group off the ground. We guide you through an effective step-by-step process to get people on board. You’ll recoup your YHC Certification investment by leveraging your time and mentoring more people faster.


Every quarter you’ll compound the benefits of this system. Improving your coaching and bringing members to results, enrolling new members, improving your success systems, growing your impact, and improving your dynamic group skills to reach your ideal career and lifestyle.

4 Benefits

Design the Life You Want to Live.

Join a Growing, Thriving, Inclusive Global Community.

Receive A Step-by-step Process To Up-level Your Career.

A Priceless Investment In You.

Maximize your wisdom and skills with a dynamic group

Enroll your own lucrative group, and coach committed clients today.
Cate Stillman founded in 2001, and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012.
She is renowned for guiding wellness professionals to evolve their personal health and their community impact.
At Yoga Health Coaching you’re part of something amazing. There’s no other course that seamlessly combines Ayurveda Habits with building a dynamic community.
The result is uniquely yours. An invigorated wellness career, reinforced by a community and resources that allow you to leverage time and guide your groups to transformative experiences.
You’re invited to adopt this model to build your own profitable wellness career and scalable business.
We’ll guide you every step of the way.
Wrapped into one, Yoga Health Coaching is business training alongside Ayurveda, Habit Evolution, and a group training system.
The Yoga Health Coaching Certification guides you to develop the habits of a modern-day wellness entrepreneur, beginning with repairing your skills before you begin coaching others to do the same.
We’ll guide you from chasing time to building a scalable career by mastering your sales and marketing processes.

Who is this for?

Are you a wellness professionals ready for the next level of your career?

Leapfrog past common mistakes. Wellness pros get lost in the essential skills for growing their impact and income. When you know exactly what to do… you get traction fast.

Holistic Health Practitioners
Yoga Teachers
Mental Health Therapists
Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists
Physical Therapists
Personal Trainers
Energy Healers
Physicians Assistants

Member Stories

Dana Skoglund

“Before I took YHC, I was struggling to make a living teaching yoga. I was determined what I love for a living so I decided to take the leap, and changing my life.
I tripled my income thanks to YHC.”

Marc Holzman

“Cate has done something amazing: she seamlessly combines the Ayurveda Habits with building a healthy Yoga Center. Using this model, I’ve seen a rapid transformation in both my students and in my own business. This course works!”

Dr. Michele Colon

“YHC helped me learn Ayurveda through living the habits. This helped me be a better doctor, a better mother, and better in my own self-care.
Plus, you meet great colleagues!”

What’s waiting for you

A lived experience and newfound knowledge on how to get people to results faster, while yourself living a meaningful life.

There’s never been a better time to invest in you.

Don’t wait! The next Yoga Health Coaching training starts soon.

Start with our Master Class

Accelerate Your Wellness Career by joining our Master Class