Take The Crucial Journey To Making More Money With Devoted High Value Clients. You’ll Never Look Back.

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Yoga Health Coaching

Accelerate Your Wellness Career

What are you waiting for? You’re just steps away from making more money, in less time, and feeling remarkable.

Time to Thrive is Now.

The next few months of your life are pivotal. You’re in the exact same spot where a hundred wellness professionals were right a year ago. They never looked back on how they were running their careers.

You will be the next success story.
But it’s only possible if you choose the path to a smarter career.

The big question is – is it easier and faster with us than figuring this out on your own? Or hiring a business coach that doesn’t even know how to do what we do? When people are ready to stop making it harder to succeed they start in the next class of Yoga Health Coaching.
Wellness Lifestyle + Growing Income + Meaningful Impact.
That is what you want. It’s in you to make the powerful decision to maximize your potential.

Your Feel Better, Work From Anywhere Lifestyle

and Smarter Wellness Career is Just Around the Corner.

Faced with an incredible opportunity, comes a challenging decision. Investing in yourself is the often most difficult decision we’re asked to make.

But if you had the step-by-step path to triple your income – what would that be worth to you? Calculate the return on investment you’ll receive in just 9 months.

You may think “it’s worked for others but will it work for me? Am I ready to take a journey?”

You can do it!
If you’re reading this, it means we know you’re more than capable. You have leadership qualities and the ambition that many simply don’t.

Are you able to make this turn-key program work for you? We do not make offers to just anyone – we’re honest if you don’t have enough experience to make this program work for you. But, you do.

Imagine your dream work schedule – committed clients, with time to yourself. You’re just steps away from reaching the new height of your career..

Earn your tuition back in the first year, or the first three months, of our coaching program and start earning an excellent return on your investment for life.

Start now at a $1500 monthly payment plan and join our thriving, inclusive, and growing global community. In only 9 months you will…

Result 1

Learn a Strategic,
Lucrative Lifestyle-Driven
Career Model

You can’t continue selling undetermined clients, unwilling to change, on a couple more hours of your time each week. It’s unsustainable. Refocus. The life you dream of is only possible by finding clients committed to making dramatic lifestyle changes and looking to you as their wellness leader. These clients, all around the world, are willing to pay big money for an effective leader. We transform you to bring out your leadership instincts and spend over a year providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

Result 2

Experience Fast, Dramatic Career Growth and Lead a Unique Journey with Committed Clients.

Making a real impact – that’s what it’s all about! Help more people, and provide them with effective results faster than ever. You’re one step closer to becoming financially successful while stepping into greater service for the wellness evolution of your community.

Result 3

Create a long lasting impact
in your community

This is about more than just making a six-figure income (although you’ll do that too!) You’ll start getting the most of your time. And with time, you have the ability to work, however, wherever you want! Work from a tropical climate, or just closer to your family. Spend more time with your loved ones. The amount of money you make doesn’t decrease, only the amount of time you spend grinding.

Result 4

Reach a personal breakthrough; self-healed, confident, and satisfied with life.

The journey starts with you. Awaken your creative potential, your wellness potential, and your career potential. Receive transformational training alongside practical Ayurveda theory, Habit Evolution, lead dynamic groups to incredible results, and evolve your wellness career to the next level of prosperity and personal integrity.

Result 5

Reignite the firey, burning passion for helping people thrive.

The marvelous, unforgettable feeling you had when you began your wellness career. Feel reinvigorated again. The only difference is you’ll learn how to make it lucrative. With more time, energy, you’ll be on the road to self-healing. It’s your duty to work on yourself so that you can effectively help your community.

Result 6

Eliminate Fear of the Unknown and Have a Career That Lasts.

We don’t know what will happen in five years – new technology that will revolutionize teaching, more lockdowns, who knows? It shouldn’t matter. Whatever comes your way, your career will stay intact. Future-proofing your lifestyle means never worrying about what comes next.

Result 7

Have The Ability To Grow Exponentially

We provide you with the vehicle for lightning-fast growth. Take the keys and put them into the ignition. Go! Once you have the tools to grow you’re in complete control. You can grow your career as much or as fast as you would like, scaling at your own pace.

Result 8

Breath, Feel Relaxed. You Finally Have Time To Enjoy Your Success.

What would you do with an extra $5000 per month? Take your time to decide. Your Calendar Isn’t Filled Back to Back to Back with clients Until your burnout. Take a Wellness Retreat, Begin Advanced Yoga Training, anything you want. You have ownership of your time, not your clients. Do with it what you want.

Truly, there is no other program that delivers results like Yoga Health Coaching. The system is unique, timely, and most importantly… it works.
Your exclusive price is $1500, paid monthly, and we start right now.
But, this is not the time to hesitate. You need to take the first step to make it work for you. We don’t accept hundreds of wellness pros, we are a tight-knit global community. Welcome – your invitation has arrived.

Receive Instant Access

To the same tried and tested wisdom that has not only proven effective for Cate, but for hundreds of wellness professionals who have used this once-in-a-lifetime system.

Dr. Michele Colon

“This helped me be a better doctor, a better mother, and better in my own self-care.”

Sara Campbell

Deep Sea Diver YHC
“I had three Discovery Calls for my Annual Pass- and three sign-ups!
100% conversion!!! Woohooo!!! “
Is there even the smallest chance you’ll regret walking away from this opportunity?

If you are here that means you want to invest in yourself. If deep, deep down you want to be in this course, your gut is telling you you have the power and knowledge to take your career to the next level.

If you don’t pull the trigger on this deal then you might never get the chance again. We can’t make this decision for you.

But if you’re ready, we’re committed to providing you full, unfiltered access to the #1 Wellness Career Coaching Program that has evolved people just like you.

Here’s my Guarantee

If you follow the steps outlined in the unique Yoga Health Coaching system, you will earn your tuition back in 9 months. No joke. It’s been proven again, and again, and the testimonials don’t stop. And With Over a Year of Ongoing Support, We spend every month making sure you’re our next success story.

Don’t take this opportunity lightly and let it slip through your fingers.