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Every one of these people were faced with the exact same decision you’re facing today – “is an investment in me the right choice?”

They all took the plunge.
These are their stories.

Rachel Peters

“Through YHC I was able to finally leave my full-time job. Now I do what I love full time! And I’m able to work from home – which is great because I have a young child and I earned my investment back much quicker than I expected. Now I work 1/2 as much and am still breaking my income ceiling!”

Dana Skoglund

“My income is increasing by 30% each year! I finally broke the six figure barrier, and the numbers are getting significant! I followed the steps outlined by Cate and it worked! 2 years later I’ve led 6 groups of students totaling more than 70 people through my 10 week course.
I’ve been blown away by the results of my students. I absolutely LOVE coaching the habits and the fact that my income has doubled in 2 years is just a sweet byproduct of living my calling. Cate, I am eternally grateful for you for sharing this work and changing my life.”

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