How YHC Accelerates Your Career in Real Time


Guide Committed Clients on a Transformational Journey.


Earn a Return on Your Investment During Your Pilot.


Engage Ayurveda & Habit Evolution for Faster Results.


Leverage a Small Dynamic Group to Scale Both Client Results and Income.

Start Here: Body Thrive

Yoga Health Coaching members have the option to start in Body Thrive 12 weeks before starting YHC. Experience the power of daily habits coaching, Ayurveda, and dynamic groups. The process guides you to uplevel your personal fitness, streamlined digestion, energetic stamina, immune resilience, and prepares your focus for YHC.

Body Thrive Habits to Automate for Success

Habit 1
Earlier, Lighter Dinner

Habit 2
Earlier Bedtime

Habit 3
Start Your Day Right

Habit 4
Breath Body Practice

Habit 5
Plant Based Wisdom

Habit 6
Self Massage

Habit 7
Sitting in Silence

Habit 8
Intermittent Fasting

Habit 9
Sense Organ Optimization

Habit 10
Easeful Living

Quarter 1

Set Up Your Success

After being a Body Thrive member, you’ll have your own ideas to structure your annual pass. By the end of Q1, you’ll already start enrolling your members into your pilot program.

YHC Q1 Syllabus


YHC Business Model

Scheduling Your pilot and launch phases

Certification requirements, coaching gyms, first 5 people to enroll, strategy session

How to use the Body Thrive Resource Hub Works

Email templates

Your Annual Ticket

How Much Should I Charge?

Survey Your People

How to do a Coaching Gym

Habit 1: Earlier, Lighter Dinner – Behind the Scenes

Enroll with Soul

Sales Strategy Sessions

Habit 2: Early to Bed – Behind the Scenes

Ideas for your Free Talks / Lead Generation

How to do Laser Coaching

Habit 3: Start Your Day Right – Behind the Scenes

Quarter 2

Enroll and Coach to Success

With your pilot ready to take off you’ll improve your flow of prospects and improve your coaching skills with dynamic groups. By keeping you from reinventing the wheel, we get you ontrack faster with the highest probability of success.

YHC Q2 Syllabus


Get Yourself Organized

Coaching Guide

Fill Your Pilot

5 Names a Day

Coaching Checklist and Template

Set up Your Pilot Schedule and Course Tech Doc

Habit 4: Breathe Body Practices – Behind the Scenes

Marketing Calendar: for your pilot, free talks, strategy sessions

The Yes Train

Track Your Leads + Follow Through – Part 1

Track Your Leads + Follow Through – Part 2

Habit 5: Plant Based Diet – Behind the Scenes

Structuring Your Coaching Meetings

Edit Your Member Email Sequence

Update Your Course Tech Doc

Habit 6: Self Massage – Behind the Scenes

Ground Rules for Dynamic Groups

Building Dynamic Groups

YHC: Body Thrive Habits Scorecard/ Small Wins Template

Quarter 3

Coach + Build Your System

At this point, you’ll have enrolled members into your pilot project meaning you’ve received your return on investment. Congratulations! Let’s keep going. During your pilot, we’ll help you hone your coaching skills, build your group culture, and keep it growing, while enhancing your enrollment system.

YHC Q3 Syllabus


Pilot kick-off, Your Resources, Your Forum

Tell Your Story

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence – Behind the Scenes

Scope of Practice

Kaizen Your Coaching Skills Worksheet

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines – Behind the Scenes

Review of the Business Model

Build A Group Culture

How to track your leads + follow up with people

Support Lead Nurturance Email Sequence

Ideas for Your Free Talks + Lead Generation

Strategy Session Resources

Financing + investing ideas in strategy sessions

Time, Money Objections, and when to make an offer

How to Invest in what you want

Certification Record Preparation

Habit Automation + Enrolling Next Members

Habit 9: Sense Organ Optimization – Behind the Scenes

Habit 10: Easeful Living – Behind the Scenes

How to Get Feedback from Your Members

Quarter 4

Get Certified + Build Exposure

The entire year is setting you up for a successful system in your coaching, your enrollment, and your member operations. Your exam will reflect what you’ve learned, while building a golden document of content you can use on websites, social media, and in emails. Now we celebrate!

YHC Q4 Syllabus


YHC Business Model Next Steps

5 Words Exercise

Lateral Mesh

Your Annual Pass Improvements

Activate the Power of Word of Mouth (Refer a Friend)

Get Ready to Get Certified

Sell Out Your Annual Passes

The Yes Train


YHC Certification Exam

Marketing Calendar Action Sheets

Habit Building, Automation, Systems 1

Habit Building, Automation, Systems 2


Year 2 YHC Mastery

Part 1 Design Thinking for Attract, Engage, Enroll

YHC Mastery is a tour through the problem solving skills of design thinking. You’ll learn design thinking to enhance your skills in selling out and generating a waitlist with solid systems for your annual pass.
The 9 month Mastery Curriculum has a built in 3 month grace period for those who want a break before embarking on the next curriculum.


Improve Your Members’ Journey + Build Your Waiting List

6 Big Benefits of Design Thinking

Attract, Engage, Enroll + Onboard with Design Thinking

State the problem

Get Feedback

Waitlist Mindset

Mindset of Design Thinking

Do your Empathy Map

Face Your Feedback

Journey Map The Feedback

Journey Map Exercise

Generate Ideas on Sticky Notes

Plussing with Partners

High Impact Low Effort

Prototype Your Idea

Year 2 YHC Mastery

Part 2 Marketing + Sales Mastery

We want you to never have to worry about having enough of the best prospective members for your annual pass ever again. Thus, we focus on you mastering the journey through which prospects become members. Refinement of your enrollment and onboarding system enable you to break glass ceilings, diminish any onboarding issues, and enjoy the process of marketing and enrolling your way.


Engage + Enroll: Imagine This

Build Your Story

Pain Point + Desired State Research

Capture + Solve for Objections

Core Competencies: Engage Through Enroll

Core Competencies: Enroll Through Onboard

Gather Stories/Testimonials

Transparent Enrollment with Video + Text

Internet Trends

Success Plan Session

Who is Influencing You? Session

How to do a Demo

Your Free FB Incubator Group

Facebook Bots

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Ads

Reverse Engineer Your Top of Funnel




Ask for Help from Influencers



Your Tribe Workshop

Your Healing Journey