Am I a Fit?

Yoga Health Coaching works for wellness professionals who want to have a powerful breakthrough in scaling their wellness career. Successful YHC members started the program as:

  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Bodyworkers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Energy Healers
  • Doctors
  • Physician Assistants

If you are established as a wellness professional, we can help you scale. If you are not yet established, meaning you find it difficult to consistently attract well-paying clients, we guide you into a faster path to a committed clientele and career success.

How does YHC work?

The best way to understand how YHC works is to watch this video.

Experiential Learning
The YHC program is based on action-oriented learning. Theory is awesome but action separates those who succeed from those who just add another certificate to their wall. To become Certified you will be guided to run a successful Pilot Program with your members, and add new members throughout your first year of training.

Live Sessions with Cate Stillman
Cate has been leading online courses since 2007 – with increasing skill in coaching, ayurveda, yoga, business and dynamic groups. Her unique ability is finding your unique ability – and packaging that into the marketplace. Her YHC sessions are bi-monthly and unrestricted by levels – meaning you’ll have access to YHC Mastery level members and content, experiencing everything a global, dynamic group offers. All of Cate’s sessions are indexed in a coaching content library for you. Cate shepherds wellness providers to unique success using modern tools and strategies to compete in a digital world.

YHC Peer Mentors
You will have two peer mentors to guide your class through the first year curriculum. You will be encouraged to form an accountability partnership with a member of your class. Your class meets first weekly, then monthly as you get the hang of building your membership program and launching your pilot.

Ongoing Guidance via Live Sessions and Working Parties
Dynamic mentoring is what ensures your success. We have weekly sessions led by Certified Yoga Health Coaches to give you ongoing access to guidance via office hours, working parties and enrollment coaching sessions. Get to know your colleagues as you implement your scalable career.

Weekly Webinars
Each week you have two, action-oriented, 30-minute webinars that you can access via our member’s app or your web browser. The webinars guide you through the process of creating your annual pass, your pricing, your systems for enrollment, marketing and coaching your members to results. Webinars have an audio version for those who would rather listen than watch.

Ebooks, Templates and Libraries
We know what you need to succeed, and we’ve built the resources to guide you. You get access to email templates, training webinar libraries and extensive ebooks on coaching, marketing, enrollment, and operations for your growing career. Topics include websites, community building, blogging, podcasting, mesh networking, time strategies, and technology coaching. How to set a price point, conscious enrollment process, and guiding clients to results – you’ll be trained to enroll clients invested in their own wellness breakthroughs. The Ayurveda, Habits Coaching, and Behavioral Science library is a resource for you to activate your group and achieve results faster by alchemizing ancient and modern wisdom.

What are the three components of YHC?

  1. Enrolling Committed Clients (patients/students/members)
  2. Ayurveda & Habit Evolution
  3. Dynamic Groups

YHC success sits on a three-legged stool. Cate’s innovative strength is generating results-based programs and systems and passing them onto you. The result is your personal small group membership model that gets the most committed clients and helps you get them to results faster. You need all three legs of the stool, and over the two years in YHC you’ll become a pro at all three.

You will join Body Thrive, coached by Cate and the Body Thrive Team to learn life changing practical Ayurveda for your personal evolution. Cate coaches habit evolution from personal experience, incorporating cutting edge behavioral science. By living the 10 daily habits of Ayurveda you will reach personal health breakthroughs.

Dynamic groups enable your members to get results faster than working one-on-one with you. Groups scale your members' success and your revenue. Cate guides you on how to activate your dynamic group so your members reach results faster and you're not in the way of their progress.

How will I evolve in YHC?

You will think in terms of how quickly you can guide your members to results and ensure they continue gaining ground. You will dramatically improve your coaching skills and group leadership skills, both online and in person. You will shift your career to be results-focused. Your reputation as someone who guides to results beyond expectations will spread far through the land.

Presented to you as a Business-in-a-Box, your new career model is ready to be adjusted to your personal skills and actualized as soon as it is learnt. Armed with your new business plan, your personal lifestyle will align to your career goals that multiplies your impact, grows committed clientele, and improves your systems to scale.

While Cate leads the YHC members, our community leaders add an understated value to your long term success. Join a unique wellness professional community that is dynamic, action-oriented and cutting-edge. We are trained to commit, communicate, collaborate and connect. To learn more listen to Coach of the Month stories from our Yoga Health Coaching Podcast.

As you guide your members to better habits, you’ll find you and those around you learning to live those habits as well. Expect to improve your personal health and personal integrity through improved daily habits for your body and your calendar.

Should I Fast Track?

YHC is built for fast-trackers and slow-trackers.

Fast-trackers have an existing clientele and proven skills. All YHC members are expected to earn a return above their investment within the first 12 months of the 2-year program, but fast-trackers are expected to earn a return on their $15k investment within the first 3-6 months of YHC. This return on investment is earned through enrolling members into their pilot version of their annual pass. We have the proven systems, the instruction, and the coaching to guide you to this result.

Who is Cate Stillman?

Cate founded Yogahealer in 2001 and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012.

She started coaching people through Ayurvedic habits in 2001 as an Ayurvedic Practitioner (California College of Ayurveda, Gurukula with Dr. Lad in India) and a Yoga Teacher (Iyengar, then Certified Anusara Teacher). After she surpassed $500k in revenue years ago, she started career coaching wellness experts to hit income targets in 2011. By showing the exact process to other wellness pros, she teaches how the YHC business model will work for them. Now, she is in the top 2% of female business owners in the USA. She is a true pioneer in the future of Ayurveda, Dharma, Yoga Philosophy, and Dynamic Groups.

Cate Stillman was named in the Top 100 Trailblazers in Yoga + Ayurveda by Spirituality & Health Magazine. Cate generates unique online curriculums, courses and communities to guide people to breakthroughs in their bodies and their lives. She embodies planetary consciousness and ecosystem connectivity. Her members adore her ability to tune in, her quick wit, humor, ethos and her command in laser-sharp coaching in a dynamic online global community.

With Yoga Health Coaching Certification, Cate created a better career model for wellness pros to become financially successful while stepping into greater service. She guides wellness pros into a lucrative lifestyle-driven career by innovating Ayurvedic + Yogic Wisdom with habit evolution, behavioral science, and a membership model.

She independently published Body Thrive, which was re-released in 2019 by Sounds True, and then released her second book, Master of YOU, a five-point system to synchronize your body, your home, and your time with your ambitions. She has released over 500 episodes of the Yogahealer Podcast.

Cate and her husband are raising their daughter in a life-learning lifestyle, based in Alta, Wyoming and Punta Mita, Mexico.

Who will be my coaches and mentors?

Cate instructs all of the lessons in the course and is the head coach of YHC. You will be invited to join Cate in a Live Session twice a month with YHC. You will also have weekly access to Cate in your first year with the Body Thrive Course, which is where you master dynamic groups habit coaching as a Body Thrive member.

The YHC course honors the traditional relationship in Yoga and Ayurveda of Mentoring. Your class will be assigned a Mentor for the duration of your YHC 12 month training. During the first month of Q1, your class meets with your mentor weekly. After the first month, your group meets with your mentor monthly to keep tabs on your progress and provide ongoing support. You have the option of 1-on-1 coaching gyms with your mentor throughout the program. Your mentor . During the last quarter of your first year in YHC, you take the YHC Certification exam. This exam helps you see how far you’ve come while highlighting where you should focus your attention next. You’ll have the assistance of your Certification Coach throughout this process.

You will also have access to a weekly Live Coaching Sessions. These sessions are led by the Leadership Team, so you can connect and workshop with other Yoga Health Coaches.

Our method is to provide a world of support, a diversity of voices, in a spectrum of time zones, to give our members around the globe access to live coaching. Each week you propel your progress to a scalable, results-based career.

What is the time commitment?

Weekly, you’ll average about 7-10 hours on applying YHC to your career. This is time better spent – as you’ll be working smarter, not harder.

Weekly Actions:


  • (2) 30 minute YHC webinars: 1 hour/week.
  • (2) 30 minute Body Thrive webinars: 1 hour/week.
  • Implementation: 5 hours/week (Recommended minimum).

Live Coaching Sessions: (Optional)

  • Peer Mentor Class: 1 hour/month
  • YHC in the Classroom: 1 hour/month
  • Working Party: 1 hour/month
  • Enrollment Training: 1 hour/month
  • Annual Pass Training: 1 hour/month
  • Cate Live: 3 hours/month
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session with your mentor: 15 min/month
  • Body Thrive with Cate (1 hour/week)

YHC Forum: 30 minutes/week (Recommended)

Total average: 7-10 hours/week

The more you invest your attention in YHC the faster you’ll earn a return on your investment.
Most new members wonder how they’ll fit YHC into their already busy lives. Forcing function is the answer. More efficient activities force less efficient activity out of your life, thus driving increasing functionality. Other activities will give way in ways that you can and can’t predict before you start.

If YHC seems like a good fit – don’t worry about it ever being the right time. YHC will force less aligned, less fruitful activities out of your life. The right time is when you want a results-based scalable career and break through impact and income ceilings, so you can live your best life.

  • 3 months: Body Thrive (optional for fast-trackers)
  • Year 1 YHC: Yoga Health Coaching
  • Year 2 YHC: YHC Continuity or YHC Mastery

Total length: 24-27 months

YHC is like a practical MBA for Wellness Professionals and aspiring Wellness Professionals.

What if I can’t make live coaching sessions?

All of our live sessions are available to watch or listen to within 24 hours, and usually sooner. We encourage you to show up for two live sessions per month.

Our members appreciate the ability to catch up on YHC sessions while walking, doing laundry, commuting, etc. so all sessions can be listened to or watched from a phone app (iOS or Android).

What is the YHC COMMUNITY like?

Dynamic community is a pillar of our methodology. Most YHC members don't start with a network of colleagues who want to increase their income and impact. Access to members, mentors and certified Yoga Health Coaches guarantees your involvement and success. Live coaching sessions are always interactive, whether with your specific class or with all the coaches. You’ll form an accountability partnership. If you come to a live event you’ll get to know Cate in-person and meet the other YHC members.

We have special live sessions for coaching to accommodate many global time zones. Who you spend time with matters. Our day-to-day coaching sessions empower you to put our methods in action for faster results.

Community is paramount on the path to career evolution. Ask any successful person about their peer network. Listen. And then, you'll understand the massive benefit of embedding yourself in a high-quality peer network.

Do you have payment plans?

See payment plans here.

YHC is a two year program – like a practical MBA – for wellness pros.

Better than an MBA, you don’t wait to earn money after you graduate. The payment structure ensures you take immediate action to recoup your investment in the first six months. As you follow our guidance in the first year, you continue to enroll, earn, and coach all while implementing systems and becoming certified in YHC.

In the second year, you have no payments. By then, you will have a well developed income stream and a second year of training in scaling your group.

How do I find the money?

If you can’t make the first payment – take our Find The Money Course.