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1 Hour Workshop + Tip Sheet
 with Cate Stillman

Keep your Yoga Students Coming Back... and Grow Your Career!

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Dear Yoga Teacher or Wellness Leader:

When you teach group classes it can be hard to know exactly what each student is coming for. And if you don't know what each student is coming you won't be able to meet their specific needs in a way that they notice.

And, if you aren't meeting their specific needs- they will eventually look for someone else - who can.

I made a workshop for you to think differently about your students needs. As a result - you'll have raving fans. And with raving fans it's much easier to make more money in your career.

If you are a Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, or Personal Trainer, then this Workshop will be extremely valuable to you. You're invited to get my free live training instantly.

In support of your wellness career evolution!

Cate Stillman
founder and

  • Cate will unpack the TIP SHEET so that you understand this method of engaging your students at the next level of commitment to their wellness transformation.

  • You'll discover a unique way to accelerate the wellness evolution for your students + clients... even though you'll probably be spending less time planning your classes.

  • You'll discover Cate's unique method for building a better career for yourself  that allows you to attract motivated prospects who know the value of what you're offering, and can trust and grow with you.

  • You'll discover how to implement a better strategy for helping your students move smoothly to their wellness goals.... and claim you as their champion.

  • You'll discover an easy and effective way to make the income you want from your wellness career... while raising the bar on your own ethics and building your business in integrity.

WARNING: You must be in Cate's strategies into practice or you won't get these results.

And if you do just that - your be a much better teacher.

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