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What You WIll Learn After Watching This Replay:

Why big numbers don't matter 

The 6 essential zones you need in 2019 that are the name of the game for wellness professionals to grow their impact - either locally, or online.  

How to easily follow the Wellness Leaders Mindmap for 2019 to evolve your career + your community. 

Why specific connection + commitment tactics work. 

How to give your tribe more than they expected... while they give you a great income.

How to put your attention and your intention on having a greater impact while living the lifestyle you desire… which is an amazing experience. 

Where your black holes that impact your ability to do your best work in the world. 

Do the most meaningful work of your life in 2019 

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About the Speakers Cate Stillman  

CEO at Yogahealer.com, co-host of the Ayurveda Summit, Mastermind behind Yoga Health Coaching, author of Body Thrive

Cate has grown and led the Yogahealer posse since 2001. A leading voice for Ayurveda and Awake Living she has a down to earth approach to deep wisdom.

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