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"If you love speaking, interviewing people, and engaging in inspiring conversations about healthy habits, coaching, growing edges (yours and your clients), then the YHC Podcast is going to be right up your alley. The YHC Podcast is a great way to refine your speaking and presentation skills and get your message out to a wider audience in a super supportive environment. Learn the components of what makes a great podcast, be guided in the how to’s and structure of a podcast show, and be part of a fabulous collaborative project with other Yoga Health Coaches."

-Annie Barrett

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Share your experiences, dreams, tips or insights. Speak up. Tell the world your stories. YHC Podcast will be your medium.

Our Top 3 Shows

Learn to Time Bend

with Dana Skoglund + Annie Barrett

The Habits for Hope in Healing with Annette Shellenbarger

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