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Transform Your Mindset and Monetize Your Wellness Business with Grace & Gale Edison

  •  Discover How To Avoid The 4 Traps Holding You From Having Ease + Success In Your Wellness Business and Career.  
  • Shatter your impact + income ceiling
  • Revolutionize your wellness career


This Free Video Training Will Lead You Right To Your Breakthrough

Meet Yoga Health Coaches Grace & Gale Edison  

Learn how to create a sustainable business model and plan for your wellness career. Join the Edison sisters, Grace and Gale on a journey to discover what's holding you back form becoming the best possible version of yourself in a highly profitable wellness business.

Grace Edison and Gale Edison are Yoga Health Coaches, yoga teachers, and enrollment coaches here at Yogahealer. Their own personal successes with Yoga Health Coaching have inspired them to give back to our community by offering free training that will motivate you to take the next step towards success in your wellness career.  

Discover how you can you have it all and not burn out. If you feel like..

  • As wellness professional, you often undervalue or devalue your services
  • Your practice is just an expensive hobby
  • Your current business model is not serving the life you want 
  • Talking about money compromises your spiritual path 


  • You depend on somebody's else financial resources to serve your purpose
  • You need more leadership + guidance 
  • You don't have what it takes to succeed
  •  you want to do more and be better there is something working against you
  • You get in your own way and disqualify yourself from stepping into deeper integrity as a wellness leader...


Then this video series will help you to stop cheating on yourself + and step into your career integrity!

Here's what Grace + Gale rap about in this 4-episodes video series..