Are you tired of struggling in the competitive industry of health and wellness? Are you ready to learn the secrets to catapult your career to success?

Look no further. Like you, I struggled to navigate the how to grow my career at first. But... over time I learned 7 major lessons. 

I've shared these lessons with many wellness pros. They've been able to scale their work as a result. 

Now, I want to share these 7 lessons with you. I want to show you how to fast-track your wellness career and generate healthy sales figures and profits each and every month - just like I did.

Instead of it taking you 10 years to learn what I’ve learned, I’ve distilled the gems into 7 audio lessons, and included a 1-on-1 career consultation to help you pinpoint your next steps.

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7 Audio Lessons to UPLEVEL 

your Wellness Career

Track 1: Who do you need to become next?

Track 2: Organize your success.

Track 3: How to hire a virtual assistant.

Track  4: Ask better questions ( To find your perfect client )

Track  5: Build a Tribe to build your career.

Track  6: Lead Generation Never Goes Away

Track 7: How to Create Dynamic Transformation in Groups

70 minutes of straight coaching. You’ll listen again and again. 

Soon, you’ll have better ideas and take smarter actions to grow your career in line with your potential. Packed with straight forward action steps for you to follow right away.

BONUS: Video Series!

Earning More in the Connection Economy

An Easy Strategy to Build Your Career

If you haven't build a tribe, you need to. I'll show you how. I'll also show you how to make the work easier with an assistant, and a steady strategy for generating great clients and a waiting list to work with you. 

Information no longer makes money. Find out what does - and the cutting edge strategies for helping you help your clients. And at the end of the day, make more money.

Once you purchase your program you'll automatically receive a 4 video sequence that will help you deepen these lessons. Put what you're learning into action!

A 100%, Absolute Money-Back Guarantee Like No Other Extended for 90 Days!

A 100%, Absolute Money-Back Guarantee Like No Other Extended for 90 Days!

I am absolutely confident that if you go through the entire program and apply the principles you will thrive more as you age and feel better in your body... or your money back.

My teachings are community member tested for well over a decade.  I know if you give them a try, you'll receive an exponential return on your investment.  We have a 15 year track record with thousands of happy members and success stories that bring tears to my eyes. That said, if you show up and participate to get the results you want, and you don't like what you bought, I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.

With a no-hassle policy and no financial risk, just the possibility of real health benefits!

Why would I offer this?

Your Wellness Career Coach

Cate Stillman, founder of in 2001, helps people who dig yoga take the a giant leap forward in their wellness trajectory with Ayurveda. 

Cate also founded a career path for Yoga Teachers with her Yoga Health Coaching Certification Program. Cate helps professional yoga teachers and healers transition to a more lucrative career while accelerating the wellness trajectory of their clients.

She continues to grow her income and impact, year after year,  on an average of 40% increase per year.

Grace Edison is a ball of fiery energy from Canada who is a yoga teacher, a Yoga Health Coach, and an enrollment coac for Yogahealer. She had been working in the financial planning industry for 10 years but recently realized she needs to help people align with their bodies and purpose before helping them get clear on their financial goals.

She is now a full time Yoga teacher, owns a small studio in Northern BC Canada and a certified Yoga Health Coach - oh and she has a son and daughter who are 9 year old twins!

And How About The Career Assessment?

Yogahealer’s assessment really helped me figure things out. I love teaching yoga, but I was working too much and not making enough money. I was causing my own stress. Grace helped me to map out a plan to work smarter and avoid some serious burn-out.

Most yoga teachers and wellness providers would benefit from taking a critical look at their careers from a strategic perspective. Yogahealer offers a unique four-part business evaluation, designed specifically for those in the health and wellness industry.

You’ll get specific, actionable steps you can take right now, to get the results you are looking for. Whether you’re looking to increase your income, manage your time, grow your tribe or increase the impact you’re having with your current clients, Alex will give you the roadmap you need to reach your goals.

What Other People Think

I don't know anybody better at selling than Cate Stillman. No doubt her book is great, but there are lots of great books that DON'T sell because their authors don't know how to--or for some reason cannot --participate in the selling efforts very effectively. That is so not Cate Stillman. Because selling is part of her dharma. Getting the word out is as inherent to Cate's dharma as what her word is. 

Dr. Claudia Welch, Ayurveda Author + Teacher

Kery Helmer

I can’t believe how much my career has changed since learning from Cate. Now, I’m making a great income and supporting my daughter as a single mom. You can take your wellness career to the next level if you listen to Cate’s teachings. Plus, it’s fun!

Beth Claxton

OBGYN + Mindfulness teacher,

+ Yoga Health Coach

Cate teaches wellness experts, even doctors like me, how to do our best work in the world. So many of us get lost in the shuffle of our career. Cate shows you how to be on a heart-centered track, and earn.

Dana Skoglund
Yoga Teacher 

+ Yoga Health Coach

Since I started learning from Cate my income has increased by 30% a year... every year! Talk about a sure return on investment.

Uplevel MP3:  Worth $47

Career Assessment: Worth $125

Total: $172

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