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I most resonate with a woman between 40-65 years of age. These women find themselves lost yet yearning for more meaning and new ways to express themselves. Many have spent the preceding years raising children, and taking care of domestic responsibilities and husband. They are experiencing digestive discomfort, fatigue, sleep issues and hormonal issues. A fair amount of these women are unhappy in their marriages, trying to manage "doing it all" and need hope. What is unsaid is the modern cultural message that tells them they are no longer wanted, beautiful or useful. I love to help them using myself and my experiences with putting my needs on the back burner while I tried to consciously rear my daughter, maintain a healthy household and navigate my relationship with my husband and his mental illness. I sacrificed my sleep, my eating rhythms and most of all lived in chronic stress. After suffering acute stress over a few years of seeing how the marital stress was negatively affecting our daughter and confronting it alone, letting go of a dream of a family and entering a divorce process, losing my father very unexpectedly and quickly, shockingly losing my husband to suicide, having my body fall apart while I needed to care for my daughter in her first year of high school. I needed to grieve the deaths to the two most impactful men in my life and help my daughter through her grieving process and try to heal! The hardest thing was dealing with the huge vata/pitta imbalance going on in my body. Then we discovered my daughter had a grapefruit size tumor and we had emergency surgery for that. It was very difficult to handle all of this alone, but I used my practices of meditation and healthy lifestyle to get through each day. I believe these practices were my anchor because life in my body was an inferno. I had studied Ayurveda and deeply believed it was true rather than turning to pharmaceuticals. It has taken longer than I thought it would; however, I can say that over the years I've overcome insomnia, an out of control inflammation situation in my body that even my acupuncturist suggested I live on prednisone, deep heart break and confusion of faith. While I still experience some symptoms, I can now look back and see how far I've come. Again, my anchor was the ancient practices of Ayurveda. My faith is in this wisdom and I am passionate in helping others who are willing to be open to learn healthy habits to transform their lives!

Chopra Certified Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor.
Yoga Health Coach - teaching Ayurvedic habits over 10 weeks.
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I had a woman who I haven't met in person but she found me and wanted to work together. I was about to lead a cleanse and she joined with a few hesitations. She's just 50, divorced, mother of two school age boys, working full time and in a long distance relationship. She suffers with digestive and thyroid issues and really wants to get her health on a better track. This is what she wrote me after the 3 week cleanse:"I so enjoyed working with Candice and will continue to do so for as long as she offers and is available. Her gentle and insightful guidance, based on her wealth of experience, knowledge and compassion helped me tremendously in re-framing perceived barriers, old patterns and beliefs about myself. She led a 3-week group cleanse that transcended ideas that we need to be perfect or make choices that take us past our threshold and into self-doubt and depletion. Instead, she helped develop and encourage realistic ways to set goals and build positive momentum, which culminated into feeling awake and vibrant, easing through challenges with confidence, and ultimately creating a container for huge doses of Self-Love. I feel like I've taken a giant leap forward!"

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