Living Ayurveda Course

For wellness + Yoga pros for a better career, deeper impact, and a lucrative lifestyle.


You qualify for Cate Stillman’s Living Ayurveda Course if you want to:

  • Know Ayurveda from the inside out.
  • Wake up your sacred anatomy and the power of your vitality 
  • Apply Ayurvedic theory in real time for yourself, and to share with your people. 

Living Ayurveda with Cate works if you want:  

  • To experience Ayurvedic wisdom as a self-healer
  • And to apply Ayurvedic wisdom as a family-healer
  • Or to apply Ayurveda as a wellness professional, or what we refer to as pro-healer
  • Be an active part of a dynamic group of members and mentors

Surveys of the Living Ayurveda Course members show that on average, throughout the 9 months:

  • You will understand the basics of Ayurvedic theory, including elements, doshas, gunas, constitutions, digestion, causes of disease, causes of subtle disease, chakras, plant medicine, self-care with plants, chakras, nadis, koshas, subtle doshas and mental gunas.
  • You will have the basics to self-diagnose with Ayurveda
  • Your daily habits including sleep, nourishment, yoga, and meditation radically improved
  • You feel younger and lighter in your body
  • You develop a baseline of wellness wisdom to navigate the decades ahead into optimal health while aging. 

Living Ayurveda guides you into the foundation of Ayurveda, both in theory and in practice. You own the power of your constitution and align your time by streamlining your biorhythms. You develop your home as a healing space. You become a boon to your people, as everyone wants to thrive. Your body becomes your temple for personal evolution, to age with grace and ease.

Living Ayurveda attracts people on a personal healing journey, as well as wellness pros. 

Our self healers come for deep, subtle body wisdom, and an overarching understanding of what causes and heals disease. Some come in a healing crisis. Others have long-term imbalances. 

Other self healers join who aren’t sick. They are smitten by Ayurveda. They come for pure, deep body wisdom. They want to know more about Ayurveda – for themselves and for their family. 

Our wellness pro members want to deepen their wisdom to guide their students, clients or patients with the intuitive, articulate wellness wisdom from Ayurveda.

We have set up two paths to meet our different members needs: Self/Family Healer and Pro Healer. You will have access to all mentors, yet we encourage you to focus on one path.

Each path has its own monthly assignments within our larger monthly theme. Each path meets with their mentor twice per month, in addition to two sessions per month with Cate. 

Self/Family Healer Path:

Go deep into self & family healing for daily life. 

    • Build modern, practical life skills to thrive through Ayurveda
    • Strengthen your immune system 
    • Optimize your family’s health, growth and connective capacities
    • Learn relationship building skills to improve intimacy, compassion and connection

Pro Healer Path

Go deep into Ayurveda practices from the professional perspective

    • See through the lens of Ayurveda when working with students, clients or patients
    • Deepen your ability to respond to your students’ and clients’ needs at the root cause
    • Build specific ayurvedic vocabulary around energetic diagnostics
    • Improve your intuitive healing skills, and the language of your intuition to accelerate your transformation and the transformation of those you are working with

To Build Modern Practical Life Skills to Thrive through Ayurveda

  1. We Learn

Ayurveda is ancient and there are many layers of the teachings. We are curious, wanting more from life, and wanting to know, so we learn together.

  1. We Act

All learning requires digestion. Ayurveda comes alive through acting in alignment with the material, so we put learning into action quickly. This course is designed so that every teaching comes with a practice or an action to take. 

  1. We Share

As we implement the learning of Ayurveda, we embody the wisdom. By doing this, the people in our lives get a hint of Ayurvidya – the living wisdom of Ayurveda. You step deeper into Ayurveda, and the people in your life benefit from what you’re learning.

Cate Stillman was recently named in the Top 100 Trailblazers in Yoga + Ayurveda by Spirituality & Health Magazine. Since 2001 at, Cate has generated unique online offerings to help clients, yoga students, and yoga teachers experience health and career breakthroughs around the globe. 

Cate is known for her ability to enable wellness providers to grasp and implement the necessary tools and strategies for their unique success, and her ability to teach her members how to build community through dynamic groups. Her students adore her ability to tune in, her quick wit, humor, ethics and laser sharp coaching.

She has one published book, Body Thrive, and will be releasing her second book, Master of YOU, in 2020. Her two podcasts: The Yogahealer Real Life Show and Yoga Health Coaching podcast spread the message of personal and planetary thrive, uniting our global community conversation.

Cate and her husband are raising their daughter in a life-learning lifestyle and are based in Alta, Wyoming and Punta Mita, Mexico.

We believe strongly in mentors and build mentorship and wisdom leadership into our community. Your mentor will provide you with an extra level of specific living knowledge and practical guidance. Having a mentor and being in a smaller group within the larger group creates deeper learning and stronger relationships. 

The mentors lead monthly calls, specific to the group curriculum, adding a level of expertise and troubleshooting for each course member. Our mentors and coaches have long served the members of Living Ayurveda – and return for the depth of conversation and the love of Ayurveda at Yogahealer.

Sarita-Linda Rocco- LAC Team Leader

Sarita is a Sanskrit name given to me by my teacher and guru Maya Tiwari. It means: “a sacred river/stream- the flow of consciousness through daily life”. 

Ayurveda has made my life easier.  In 1996, Maya Tiwari awakened my awe & wonder about the flow of the universe, and its grown stronger every year since. I train and support Ayurvedic practitioners worldwide in sadhana, practices to connect with the flow of life.  I share Ayurveda with my family and friends by example of my personal value. 


Mary Sullivan – Self/Family Healer Mentor

I am honored and delighted to mentor the Self/Family Healer Path for the Living Ayurveda Course. Healing is a personal journey that benefits deeply from the vibration, learning, structure and community support of LAC. Build a  loving healthy relationship with yourself & family through the practice of Ayurveda. Welcome on this journey with us.

Mary Sullivan BS, MS, worked for over 20 years in the chemical industry as a chemist, engineer, manager and director. After leaving the industry, Mary became an RYT 500, a certified yoga therapist, an  Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and a Karuna Reiki Master. She studies wellness, yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, reiki and herbalism. She is an active member and Vice President of the Herbal Community of Central Massachusetts.

Mary offers cleanses, classes and workshops, and blogs ( on meditation, Ayurveda, food and wellness care and Lyme recovery strategies.  Mary shares tools and routines, and all of her experience to help you embody Living Ayurveda and achieve your growth goals.

Alexandra Epple – Pro Healer Mentor

Hi, I’m Alexandra CMT, CAS, E-RYT, and I’m happy to support you with stepping into a deeper, co-creative relationship with your health and your life. Ayurveda will give you the words and the voice for everything you already know inside.

I teach and study at the California College of Ayurveda. I completed a 6 month internship with Dr. Claudia Welch and studied Vedic Astrology with Freedom Cole for three years. In my coaching practice, my focus is on supporting women through their menopausal years and beyond. I have been involved in the healing field for almost 15 years….as a Bikram and Anusara Inspired yoga instructor (What a combo), Thai bodyworker & teacher, and Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Anna Welle  – LAC Mentor 

My dharma is to guide and support you on your personal health evolution.To create more space- energetiSessiony, physiSessiony and mentally. To allow health, love and light to shine through. To help you awaken to more truth, potential and joy. I’m an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Level III Reiki Therapist. I’m passionate about helping you push further into your growing edge. I will help you step greater into your optimal health: connect deeper to your mind, body and spirit in a simple yet dynamic way and live as the vibrant, energized, radiant person you desire!

The course is nine months. If you sign up for Body Thrive before Living Ayurveda begins, then you also have that live course/community access before we begin. Otherwise, your Body Thrive journey will continue for one more quarter after Living Ayurveda ends.

Click one of the links below for an overview of what is covered in the 9 month LAC:

Listen to LAC Member Stories.

Our Living Ayurveda Course and Community is dynamic learning in our global community at its best. You decide how deeply you want to engage with us on any given aspect. Want to see more about the course? Check out the Course Blueprint!

Each week you will be:

  • Sent the Webinar lesson + letter about the content
  • Assigned Reading philosophy, including our LAC Growthwork Ebooks
  • Supported in related Self-care habits
  • Inspired by practices to apply Ayurveda in the kitchen + at home
  • Guided through practices to apply Ayurveda On the Mat + the Cushion 

Each month you may access :

  • 2 Ayurveda Group Coaching Sessions with Cate
  • 2 Pro Healer Group Mentoring Sessions
  • 2 Self Healer Group Mentoring Sessions
  • 1-1 coaching gym with your coach
  • An active Facebook forum with coaches, mentors, and Cate

Dynamic community is a pillar of our methodology at Yogahealer. Access to members, mentors and certified Yoga Health Coaches guarantees your involvement and success. Live coaching sessions are always interactive. You’ll form an accountability partnership or two. If you come to a live event, you’ll get to know Cate in person and other members of the Yogahealer community.

Community is paramount on the path of evolution. Ask any healthy person about their peer network. Listen, and then, you’ll understand the massive benefit of embedding yourself in a high-quality peer network.

That is absolutely OK! All of our live sessions are available to watch or listen within 24 hours, and usually sooner. We do encourage you to make at least two live sessions per month, as we notice that those who come live get results faster!

Of course we offer payment plans! Click here to see.

You do not need to be in Body Thrive to take Living Ayurveda. In fact, with your Living Ayurveda tuition, you get access to a year of Body Thrive! That is $5,000 in added value! Like the sound of that? Then fill out the application for Living Ayurveda Course. Take your next step towards discovering the wisdom of Ayurveda within you!

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