Yoga Health Coaching Certification

For wellness + Yoga pros for a better career, deeper impact, and a lucrative lifestyle.


The Program works for wellness professionals who want to have massive breakthroughs in their wellness career.

  • Holistic practitioners
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Bodyworkers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Energy Healers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Physicians Assistants

It doesn’t matter if you have a big email list or a small dedicated following, if you’d like to break six figures, or just lead a small local group, work online or in person or both, we’ve got the fastest, easiest, and best way to guide you to the next level of your wellness career.

We even have nurses and doctors learn with us to gain a wider range of tools and experience with which to guide their patients to better wellness results faster. If you’d like to take your wellness career to the next level, as opposed to just learning another modality training, then taking a course with Yoga Health Coaching is your next step.

If you are not a Wellness professional but have a lot of experience from a personal healer journey and you wish to share that with the community, then this is the right course for your next step.

Surveys show on average that the vast majority of Yoga Health Coaching members:

  • Earn earn their tuition back at the launch of their Pilot (Months 6-9, first year) and earn a return on their investment after that (YHC’s who already have a wellness profession before starting).
  • Improve their personal health, personal habits, and personal integrity with their time, their calendar, and their commitments.
  • Dramatically improve their coaching skills and ability to lead dynamic groups, even in an online or distant learning environment.
  • Transition to a leverageable high end membership business model within 12 months.

This is possible because members are able to greatly simplify their lives, increase their focus and productivity, strengthen their personal body habits, and leverage their unique talents.

We call the Yoga Health Coaching Certification program a “better career model for wellness pros”. Not only do our members personal lifestyle become aligned to the life they want to live, but the impact they have is much greater due to the commitment of their members and the power of their systems.

For more specific details about the results clients have achieved and the impact the Program has had on their lives, please see our Reviews and also listen to Coach of the Month stories from our blog and podcast.

The best way to understand how YHC works is to watch this video.

Experiential Learning
Theory is awesome. But practice separates those who succeed from those who just add another Certification certificate to their wall. The YHC program is based on action-oriented learning. To become Certified you will be guided to run an effective and successful Pilot Program with your students, and coach 5 clients through a group program. You have to implement the career model that enables YHC members to increase their income and/or impact. Through doing you evolve. You get the results you’re coming for.

Quick Weekly YHC Webinar Lessons

Each week you receive an email leading you to a webinar or audio to watch to move forward on this path.
The Weekly webinar’s include you personally experiencing the YHC coaching course as a student, while learning the Behind The Scenes Training in the business model. Webinars have an audio version for those who would rather listen than watch.

Bi-Monthly YHC Laser Coaching Live Sessions with head coach, Cate Stillman

You are joining a tight-knit community of wellness pros and pros-in-training who love Yoga and Ayurveda. Every week this exclusive community of YHC members-in-training as well as Certified members gather for laser coaching sessions. These live sessions rock the proverbial house.

Watch Cate with her iPad she draws as she coaches, activating the power of Visual Communication, which you’ll most likely also adopt for more effective coaching. Experience Mastery level coaching + the reality of dynamic groups in Cate’s classroom.

YHC In the Classroom Monthly Live Sessions + YHC Working Parties
Knowing what you should do and actually automating it into a habit for most people are worlds apart. As a Yoga Health Coach you are coached to bring these two worlds together. You’ll learn scientifically proven effective strategies from behavioral science to accelerate your clients ability to make deep changes in real time.

3 Libraries

  • Marketing Coaching Library
    As a wellness pro your biggest obstacle is obscurity. We have no doubt you’ll be a talented, caring coach. We want you to fill your courses so that you can have the impact you want to have in this lifetime. Most YHC members come into YHC needing a ton of assistance becoming known to potential clients. Our monthly marketing calls help you come out of obscurity. Topics include websites, community building, blogging, podcasting, mesh networking, time strategies, and technology coaching. You also get access to the Yogahealer Business Course webinar and audio library which is packed with marketing training.
  • Enrollment Coaching Library
    Have you ever had clients in a program or course that weren’t really that invested? Perhaps they didn’t show up consistently. At some point you might feel like you’re the entertainment -and that your peeps were stagnating. In YHC you’ll learn how to set a pricepoint and enroll at that pricepoint for maximum engagement. You’ll get experience in our conscious enrollment process that enables your clients to invest int their own wellness breakthroughs. It’s a serious learning curve for most new YHC members – but you’ll get it dialed in before you’re certified. Guaranteed.
  • Ayurveda Coaching Library
    Most of our coaches can’t get enough of Ayurveda. We have an additional library of YHC Ayurveda Practitioner Coaching Sessions. These recordings help you deepen your Ayurvedic wisdom. Just as importantly, you’ll hear real coaching scenarios that you will be sure to be able to apply the learning in your own coaching classroom.
  1. The Wellness Career Model
  2. The Coaching Model
  3. Body Habit Evolution

Your training in YHC sits on this three-legged stool. Cate has an innovative strength in generating results-based programs and systems that guide wellness pros to success in a small group membership model that gets you the most committed clients, and helps you get them to better results faster. You need all three legs of the stool, and over the two years in YHC you’ll become a pro at all three.

First, you will be a member of Body Thrive, coached by Cate and the Body Thrive Team to learn cutting-edge and practical Ayurveda for your personal evolution, and to observe how Cate coaches habit evolution. You will live the 10 habits of Ayurveda on a deeper level.

Knowing what to do is not enough for your future clients. You will be coached to gain coaching skills to skillfully guide your members into the next level of their personal wellness evolution through specific habit change techniques from behavioral science.

Cate started coaching people through Ayurvedic habits in 2001. She started career coaching wellness experts to hit income targets in 2011. She is a true pioneer in the intersection of Ayurveda, Habits, Yoga, Dynamic Groups, and wellness career coaching.

We often don’t think in terms of how quickly we can help our clients get results, and then support them to maintain the ground they’ve gained. But, at Yoga Health Coaching we do! You will shift your career to be results-focused for your future clients and for yourself. Your reputation as someone who delivers will spread far through the land.

Be a member of a unique wellness career and dynamic coaching community that is innovative, action-oriented and cutting-edge. You and your family will evolve better habits while you teach others.

Not only does Cate escort the YHC members, but the community itself is a massive value to your long term success. Be a member of a unique yoga career and health coaching community that is dynamic, action-oriented and cutting-edge.

Cate Stillman was recently named in the Top 100 Trailblazers in Yoga + Ayurveda by Spirituality & Health Magazine. Since 2001 at Cate has generated unique online offerings helping clients, yoga students, and yoga teachers experience health and career breakthroughs around our planet.

Cate is known for her ability to enable wellness providers to grasp and implement the necessary tools and strategies for their unique success and her ability to teach her members how to build community through dynamic groups. Her students adore her ability to tune in, her quick wit, humor, ethics and laser sharp coaching.

With Yoga Health Coaching Certification Cate created a better career model for Wellness Pros to become financially successful while stepping into greater service. She guides Wellness pros into a lucrative lifestyle-driven career via innovating Ayurvedic + Yogic Wisdom with habit evolution, behavioral science and a membership model.

She independently published Body Thrive, which was re-released in 2019 by Sounds True, and will be releasing her second book, Master of YOU, with the same publisher later in 2020. Her two podcasts: The Yogahealer Real Life Show, and Yoga Health Coaching podcast connect spread the message of personal and planetary thrive uniting our global communit conversation.

Cate and her husband are raising their daughter in a life-learning lifestyle, based in Alta, Wyoming and Punta Mita, Mexico.

You can learn about YHC directly from Cate by taking the Masterclass.

Cate instructs all of the lessons in the course, and is the head coach of YHC. You will have access to Cate in a Live Session twice a month with YHC. You will also have weekly access to Cate in your first year with the Body Thrive Course, which is where you watch her coach members and are a Body Thrive member yourself.

You will also be assigned into a class of members starting YHC at the same time you are. Two to three YHC Mentors escort each class, and your coach will be an experienced Yoga Health Coach with experience implementing the membership model and the coaching model we use in their own wellness profession.

The YHC course honors the traditional relationship in Yoga and Ayurveda of Mentoring. Your class with be assigned a Mentor for the during of your YHC 12 month Training. During the first month of Q1 your class meets with your Mentor weekly to learn the ropes. After the first month, your group meets with your Mentor monthly. You have the option of 1-1 coaching gyms with your Mentor throughout the program. Your mentor keeps tabs on your progress. During the last quarter of your first year in YHC you’ll have the opportunity to take the YHC Certification exam. This exam helps you see how far you’ve come, while highlighting where you should next turn your attention. You’ll have the assistance of your Certification Coach through this process.

You will also have access to a weekly YHC Team Live Coaching Sessions. These sessions are led by the YHC Leadership Team, and give you a chance to connect and workshop with other Yoga Health Coaches. For a detailed breakdown of the sessions – visit this page:

Our method is to provide a world of support, a diversity of voices, a spectrum of time zones, to give our members around the globe the support they need and the access to live conversations and coaching each week to propel their progress into a better career.

3 months: Body Thrive
Year 1 YHC: Yoga Health Coaching
Year 2 YHC: YHC Continuity or YHC Mastery

Total length: 27 months

YHC is like a practical MBA for Wellness Professionals and prospective Wellness Professionals.

This is the average breakdown of time/month in YHC:

  • (4) 30 minute webinars: 1/week
  • 90 minute coaching with Cate: 2/month
  • YHC Peer Mentor Group: 1 hour/month
  • Implementation: 5 hours/week (Recommended minimum)
  • Additional YHC Team Live Coaching Sessions: 3 hours/month (optional)
  • 1-1 Coaching Session with your mentor: 15 min/month
  • YHC Forum engagement: 30 minutes/week (Recommended)

Total average: 7-10 hours/week

The more focus you put into YHC the more you’ll get out of it. You’ll want to keep up with the 30 minute weekly webinars. You’ll want a few hours a week to implement the action steps. As you take YHC less productive activities should automatically be forced out of your life. In Physics this is called forcing function. More efficient activites force less efficient activity out of your life – thus driving increasing functionality.

Most new members wonder how they’ll fit in YHC into their already busy lives. Forcing function is the answer. Other activities will give way – in ways that you can and can’t predict before you start. If YHC seems like a good fit – don’t worry about the time. YHC will force less aligned, less meaningful activities out of your life, so you can live your life and career aligned.

All of our live sessions are available to watch or listen within 24 hours, and usually sooner. We do encourage you to make at least two live sessions per month, as we notice that those who come live get results faster! Members appreciate the ability to catch up on YHC sessions while walking, doing laundry, commuting, etc. so all sessions can be listened to rather than watched.

What you learn in 15 months:

  • First 3 months:
    Body Thrive Coaching: The 10 habits of Ayurveda + habit evolution with Cate + the Body Thrive Coaching Team. As soon as you register you’ll be assigned a Body Thrive coach and group. You will experience the same program you’ll be offering as your pilot, and know what results you can get for your future students first hand.

After your complete the 10 week Body Thrive training, you enter the 12 month Yoga Health Coaching Certification Training. Teaching is the best teacher. You’ll fill your own course. Many YHC members make back their tuition investment when filling their pilot group.

  • Q1 of YHC Training:
    How to customize your coaching to fit your existing expertise and specific passions and skills. How to make a great living as a Yoga Health Coach.
  • Q2 of YHC Training:
    How to coach the 10 habits of Yoga Health Coaching and enroll your pilot group. Start coaching 1-1 clients to get ready for coaching your first pilot group.
  • Q3 of YHC Training:
    You will coach your first pilot group, and enroll the next members. You’ll use our Behind The Scenes of Body Thrive coaching training. You’ll also be implementing our system of regular enrollment in order to generate a higher monthly steady income. . Become a better coach with Ayurveda + Habit Evolution.
  • Q4 of YHC Training:
    Learn the marketing and enrollment skills to build a systematized, sustainable income stream with your coaching. Enroll your next group.

Year 1 YHC is our Certification program designed to ensure (1) that you have become a competent coach and (2) that you have implemented the career strategy behind YHC to ensure your return on investment.

For Year 2, see FAQ: Mastery vs. Continuity.

Dynamic community is a pillar of our methodology. Access to members, mentors and certified Yoga Health Coaches guarantees your involvement and success. Live coaching sessions are always interactive, whether with your specific class or with all the YHC’s. You’ll form an accountability partnership or two. If you come to a live event you’ll get to know Cate in person and YHC members.

For those in Europe or down under we have special live sessions to support you meeting online and help you coordinate meeting in person.Most YHC members don’t start with a network of colleagues who want to increase their income and impact. Who you spend time with matters. Our day to day conversations change how we feel, think and act.

Community is paramount on the path of career evolution. Ask any successful person about their peer network. Listen. And then, you’ll understand the massive benefit of embedding yourself in a high-quality peer network. We connect on live weekly sessions, on our daily forum, and at live retreats. All are member-exclusive.

Yes. Register Now

YHC is a 27 month program – like a practical MBA for wellness pros. At this investment, YHC is a very good deal. Rather than wait to earn money after you’ve learned the system, we have you prove the system by immediate implementation and immediate earning your return on investment.

YHC was originally a 15 month program. We found members wanted to stay in the program for additional mentoring. Rather than rush the experience, we encourage our members to relax and take aligned action through this deeply transformative career growth. We maintained our same pricing structure by building the second year into the pricing. The payment plan assists you in taking immediate action to recoup your investment. Then in the second year, you have no payments, while you should have a well developed new income stream. From our experience in supporting members make the complete transition into this highly effective streamlined business model, we no longer offer the 15 month version.

Yes! If you:

  • Want Cate’s latest ideas, coaching and career tools as she creates them and to see with total transparency how she works on her own coaching and career.
  • Want to evolve your personal health alongside your career success, transforming your career and your personal life into one that gives you health evolution, financial abundance, more time, and is unique to your personal purpose and personal strengths.
  • You want to network with wellness professionals who are living the life of their dreams and having the time of their life while guiding their members into thrive.

The best way to find out is to Watch the Masterclass and then fill out a Yoga Health Coaching application. Once you apply schedule a conversation with us. During the conversation, we’ll review your application, and help you clarify your career and lifestyle goals. If you are a fit, we’ll make a recommendation of a start date based on when you want to achieve your goals by.

YHC Certification + Continuity: Our 2 Year Training – All levels

This is our beginner path for those who come into YHC without a strongly established wellness career.

After you learn the YHC Continuity is a repeat of the year 1 Curriculum. We’ve heard from so many coaches that they just wanted to start all over again, and build robust systems in their second year, have all-community access, and live sessions with Cate. Some choose to go into a Mentor group for additional support.

Your investment will continue to pay dividends, and we want to support you in the later phases of being an effective coach + hitting your income targets.

YHC Certification + MASTERY: Our 2 Year Training – Advanced
This is our advanced path for those who come into YHC with an already established wellness career.

Scale your Enrollment with Design Thinking for Your Member Experience. YHC Mastery is the next year of curriculum Cate designed to walk Coaches that have the band width for continued growth to expand.
In Mastery you unlock the Mastery Community, Mastermind Groups, Access to Coaching Gyms with Cate, and most importantly the Customer Experience Design Thinking Training. This is a unique year long training just available for YHC Mastery members.

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Take us up on it. Have a conversation. And another conversation, need be.

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