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Ellie Mout

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Ellie Mout is a singer, intuitive, and coach who started Intuitive Living in 2020. Her path has wended its way through explorations of self with an EST-based organization (PSI seminars), 12-step grounding in spiritual living (Al-Anon Family Groups), ecstatic energy work with different deities (Anderson Feri), Zen Buddhist mindfulness training (Cheri Huber), and singing with various organizations through it all. She's currently studying (and singing) with a Reform Jewish temple in San Diego in preparation for conversion and working towards her certification as a Yoga Health Coach with Cate Stillman.

I've been a regular meditator for the past 7 years. I was first exposed to the idea of meditation in college, and I had tried to establish a practice multiple times, but had not made discernible progress in the 15 years since I realized it...