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Miria Lovlin

About Miria Lovlin

Miria Lovlin is an ayurvedic lifestyle counselor and coach. Having a toddler and soon to bring one more child into the world, her interests are focused on how to live an easeful family life with the help of ayurveda. She is motivated to help moms get out of stress and overwhelm and into the life of ease and underwhelm.   Miria has also been teaching yoga for 10 years and is an ayurvedic spa specialist. She has been following this ayurvedic lifestyle long enough to know that it if you’re looking for a more easeful life, this sure is a way to do it. Find out more what Miria’s up to on her website , or Facebook , or Instagram.

Ego depletion is an idea that states we have a limited capacity of decision making in a day.  When our mental fatigue progresses throughout the day, our will power and choice making ability lessens.   At the beginning of a 12 month, 12 week or 24...