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Tracey Duncan

About Tracey Duncan

Tracey Duncan is the headmistress of More Yoga, Less Bullshit. Tracey is a straight shooter with a limp wrist. She helps rebellious yogis find their own personal rhythm and connect to cosmic rhythms in unconventional ways.Tracey believes that folks who respect tradition but resist the status quo will be the innovators who can bring yogic and ayurvedic wisdom to the next level. If you are dubious about everything, but dig yoga and want to evolve into your superhero alter ego, Tracey wants to help. Tracey lives in New Orleans with her dazzling wife and six animal compatriots. She is a yoga teacher, a writer, a health coach, and a recovering party girl. She smokes, drinks, and wakes up before dawn to meditate. She is not a role model, and you can too.

Dear You, So, you've been reading my blog for a while now, right? Keeping an eye on the conversation? Having an occasional revelation or chuckle? Well, I'm glad, but let me ask you… What has changed in your day-to-day life? Do you do things different? Do you feel better? Are you more...