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Heather Hodgson

About Heather Hodgson

Heather Hodgson is a Yoga Health Coach in mid-northern Ontario, Canada. She owns a small Yoga Studio called Flying Mermaid Yoga where she teaches a variety of yoga classes, interactive workshops and Yoga Health Coaching Programs on the Daily Habits of Yoga & Ayurveda. Heather brings a sense of fun and lighthearted enthusiasm to her work with a deep connection towards healing and wellness based on over 25 years experience in the Healing Arts Industry. Reach Out and Connect with Heather through her website or Facebook.

Guest Post by Sarah Pyne. Sarah is a mother of 4, teaching children’s mindfulness classes in MA., and a Yogahealer Mentor and Living Ayurveda Course Graduate. One of my children’s favorite family activities is when we give each other a foot massage.  As a Mom of four I am...