9 Eye Exercises to Soothe Tired Eyes After a Long Day at the Computer

9 Eye Exercises to Soothe Tired Eyes After a Long Day at the Computer

9 Eye Exercises to Soothe Tired Eyes After a Long Day at the Computer

Do your eyes feel fatigue or strain at the end of a long day at the computer?  Or do you feel it after a long day in the strong sunshine at the beach? Add self-care to revitalize and to soothe tired eyes.

Tune into the video below for a conversation on how our current habits mistreat how our eyes were developed and how these simple activities below can help bring balance back the eyes.




Your eyes are the organs of sight, a source of connection and learning. Vision is meant to be a gateway to beauty and inspiration. Try these simple eye exercises to soothe tired eyes and support your vision.

#1 – Blink More

tired eyesRemember to blink when you are tired. It is funny but when we work on screen we tend to blink way less than in other situations. No blinking dries eyes and adds to eye strain. Make it a habit to blink every few lines when reading the screen (minimum three times per page). Do the same for reading a book. If that doesn’t work, look away from the book or screen periodically to blink. Blinking helps relax and lubricate the eyes.

#2 – Follow the 20/20/20 Rule

Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds and look at something like a tree or the sky that is at least 20 feet away, farther is even better. If every 20 minutes is overwhelming try this at least once an hour.

#3 – Add an App

Add an app to your computer or phone to trigger you to do simple eye exercises like eye rolling. The first couple of times it feels a little funny. After that it feels totally natural and even welcome when you see the app pop up.

These tools teach you to relax your eyes on a regular schedule with minimal disruption to your work. Over time this adds up to build a buffer against fatigue. Eyeleo, is one I use. It has a snooze button if you are really in crunch time. Here is a link with some more options.

#4 – Listen to Learn

Audiobooks and podcasts are the bomb. They give your eyes a break and build listening skill. Podcasts keep me engaged with my learning community. Audiobooks are great for long lines at the market, at the eye doctors or for company on a walk. I especially use audio books in the car when driving, so I keep my eyes on the road. Click this link to get some audio app options.

#5 – Drink Enough

Adequate Hydration helps eye lubrication and tear production. Sometimes the effects of eye strain, headache or blurry vision are caused by dehydration alone. Get a cool water bottle and sip water all day at the computer to help keep eyes hydrated.

#6 – Palm or Cup the Eyes

Practice this technique at your desk a couple times each day or when necessary to relax and rest your eyes.
Rub your palms together for a few seconds to warm them.
Gently place right hand over right eye and left hand over left eye with the heel of your hand on the lower orbital socket.
Tilt each hand toward your nose so that your pinky and index fingers overlap. Keep the overlap, and place your fingertips on your upper forehead.
Close up any gaps, so you can’t see any light.
Do this for seven minutes, and you feel refreshed afterwards.
Your eyes are in darkness and this provides a quick but deep rest that blocks outside stimulation.

#7 – Eye Circles

This is great to do before bed. Use only as much oil as you need to minimize drag on the skin. Caster Oil is cooling, and the circling action helps relax the tiny muscles that focus your eye and move lymph out of the eye area.
Place a tiny amount of caster oil on the tip of your pinky finger.
Slowly circle your finger tip from up under your eyebrow around the outer eye and back under the eye.
Follow the orbital socket the bone around the eye.
The goal is to massage the muscles that move the eye. Keep the oil away from the eye. Don’t pull or drag the skin.
Use a light, firm pressure.
Repeat 5 to 10 circles for each eye.

#8 – Rose Water

Rose and aloe are cooling and will help balance pitta in the eye. This is a great treat on a hot day.
Soak a cotton pad with rose water solution. If you can’t stand rose, you can also use aloe vera-soaked cotton eye pads to cool and soothe. You want it moist but not dripping.
Lie down, or sit and lean back, so your face is up and back.
Place rose-water saturated pads over closed eyes, and escape for a few moments after a hard day at work.

#9 – Savasana with an Eye Bag

Savasana is a yoga pose. This is a great practice to try before bed or get your own eye bag for the end of your yoga class.
Lie on your back; be sure you are comfortable and at ease.
Close your eyes and place a clean eye pillow on your face covering both eyes.
Spend 10 minutes or so in quiet darkness.
Breathe easily. Balancing Alochaka Pitta like this helps balance out intensity and emotions as well.

It‘s simple to implement these techniques as part of your daily routine and you’ll find they can really help. Preempt eye strain and fatigue and address it if you feel it.

How did you feel after trying these? What do you do to ease eyestrain and fatigue? Please share in the comments below with our community.

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Mary Sullivan MS, KRM, AYS is a writer teacher and researcher by education and experience. Mary is a long time member of the Yoga Healer Community. Mary helps people identify and implement daily practices, habits and paradigms that build their wellness and resiliency. She writes and teaches classes on lifestyle medicine for people with Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. Mary began Dare to Self Care in 2013, as an outlet to help others.


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