The First Steps in Your Unlimited Success

The First Steps in Your Unlimited Success

Upstairs, above the yoga studio, works a very accomplished, professional woman. She is well educated, highly skilled, and authoritative. I know this because I can hear her shoes. The click, click, click of her power heels as she crosses the floor above me screams a successful businesswoman. I reflect on my quiet bare feet and how recognition for my kind of businesswoman is rare.

Here is a second story: As a stay at home mom when our kids were little I went to a corporate event with my husband. There was a draw that you entered with your business card. I didn't have one. I couldn't enter the draw. I told my Mom the story in one of those feeling worthless drained Mom moments. She made me business cards with the credentials M.U.M Masters Underage Management

We all have a mental picture of what it means to be successful in this world. Mine apparently has business cards and power heels in it.

This wellness career path we have chosen to walk is not mainstream. These skills are not accredited the way my university degree is.  Insurance policies don't acknowledge what I do the way they would a massage therapist, and to many, it may look like I just have a hobby job.

But this job is so much more than a hobby, I honour my deepest passions and rise to my role as a positive change maker in the lives of those I work with. We grow together.


This world needs more of us. This path chose us, knowing that we are ready to trust in deeper things. We are ready to nurture and trust intuition, slow down enough to listen to it and make every effort to live embodied in our mind, body, and soul. The rewards could not be greater.

Understanding that I have an old definition of success, and uncovering a new access point to my inner wisdom with my practice. I come to a place where I need to reconcile the gap between the two. Here are my 6 things that really word when it comes to dropping limiting beliefs and stepping up:

  1. Tune into your innate qualities that create ease and flow. Be aware of any tendency to undervalue those skills merely because they come easily and naturally.
  2. Take a few personality assessments. There are my favourites:
  1. Dig deep into the results. Focus on your strengths and take note of the positive words and phrases used to describe you.
  2. Look at how you are already delivering your contributions. What is working well? Where are you being pulled to work more? What direction are you being nudged in?
  3. Create a Vision Board using your success words.  Do some Word Art on your computer, or write a new resume. Put it somewhere it will provide daily inspiration
  4. Go back to 3, use relevant words to rewrite the Titles and Descriptions of your contributions – from individual yoga classes to your Yoga Health Coaching Program. Get clear on what it is you offer and think carefully about the words you use to describe it and yourself?.  The effect is magnetic.


Of course, (I grin as I write this), if all of this seems a little alien, how about going old school?  Find a beautiful representation of the Solar Plexus Chakra, and meditate on it. Access your personal power the old-fashioned Yogi way.


I promise you will feel the shift.


While you are at it, create an amazing job title and order new business cards. Then, put on your most amazing high heels and walk around for a little while.

Please share your new definition, one that acknowledges the success already present, because there is power in this posse. If we each bring our unique individual qualities to the world, we will affect change individually and collectively, in a bigger way than we ever dreamed.