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A word from Cate Stillman,

founder of Yoga Health Coaching

"After designing a number of signature systems for Yoga teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners to advance their careers I created Yoga Health Coaching Certification.

This course delivers results.

I designed this experience for wellness professionals with 2 components: (1)  to adopt a better system for working with their clients to get massive health breakthroughs (2) to increase their income $40, 000 to $100,000 a year.

Your personal health and work schedule will evolve . In this innovative training program you shift your business model into the connection economy.

Plus, I'm a pro at building support communities around transformation. You'll be in great company with colleagues that will become lifelong friends. Together, we'll evolve your career, income, personal habits, and lifestyle design, in line with your dreams."

Hear from the Yoga Health Coaches...

"We love this community + career path!"

- Yoga Health Coaches + the Annual Mexico Retreat

"I filled my first Yoga Health Coaching group just months after joining the course.  I now have a much better career path that  helps me financially as I age, and gets my students faster results."

- Jackie Prete, chairperson of Anusara Yoga

"Thanks to Yoga Health Coaching this year I've made as much money as last year in half the amount of time, and my clients are truly in a community of transformation and support. It's beyond my wildest dreams."

- Shelly Aaron, founder 

"Yoga Health Coaching took my career from being a yoga teacher to another level. I love my deeper, more gratifying work as a Yoga Health Coach. She's taught me how to manifest my innermost dreams. I can't recommend this program and community enough."

- Marc Holzman - Yogaglo

Who becomes a Yoga Health Coach?

Yoga Teachers




Pilates Instuctors


Community Wellness Leaders

 Trainers + Fitness experts

Holistic Practitioners

Online Wellness Entrepreneurs

Wellness Coaches


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