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Elise Collins

About Elise Collins

A former nightclub DJ turned yoga teacher, Elise Collins stayed up way too late for many years. Although she embraced a healthy lifestyle, she had difficulty sleeping and staying focused while she taught yoga, raised her son Krishna, filmed live music and wrote two books on holistic health, Chakra Tonics and An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods. Longing for sustainable systems that would allow her the energy and ability to follow her passions, she found Yoga Health Coaching, a system she now shares with students and clients. Her specialty is helping people to listen to their bodies to create foundational health habits that enable them to live like rock stars who get to bed ‘early’ most nights. Connect with Elise on her website, Facebook or Twitter

Walking down the street, I passed a cute and fun gift shop in my neighborhood. I heard an insistent voice in my head, “Go into the gift store.”  I recognized this as the quiet, confident voice of my intuition. Strangely the voice urged me to...