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Carol Confino

About Carol Confino

Carol Confino has been a studying yoga for over 20 years been teaching for 10 years in Northern Virginia. A former nurse she has focused her attention more on wellness than sickness since switching to teaching yoga with her main focus on gentle and Level 1 classes. Through her studies she was introduced to Ayurveda several times but hearing the Body Thrive approach that Cate Stillman has been teaching she has been inspired to not only change her own habits but also to encourage others to adopt a healthier lifestyle by becoming a Yoga health coach. She enjoys the mountains, knitting, quilting and spending time with her husband and 2 sons.

In the Spring season Passover and Easter are holidays for both looking back and looking forward.  My husband is Jewish and I was raised Catholic and we have always celebrated both of these traditions. While, you may not observe either of these religious holidays, traditions...