Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

Cheaters, Rebels & Good Two Shoes

Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

The Yogidetox is moving into full swing

I’ve belted between 20-25th seasonal detoxes

My body and mind are very accustomed to this process

If I were to to skip my seasonal inner refinement expedition, I’d have a cellular insurrection on my hands

imgres Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

While I’m obviously a seasoned seasonal yogidetoxer there is something you should know:

I’m also a rebel

Rebels are Cheaters during a detox

I’ve resisted authority since I can remember

Naturally, my mom was the first victim of my rebellious behavior

I was a stubborn kid with a know-it-all attitude

and a sharp whippersnapper at that

I didn’t have a complacent bone in my body

What does this have to do with detox?

When I decide to just juice for a week or two,or drink spicy lemonade exclusively for a week or two, or just eat fruit and vegetables for a month, or whatever detox I want to experiment with …

my rebel shows up in full swing…

and I cheat


Meet my Inner Rebel

With EVERY detox, I’m sure to quickly encounter my inner rebel

My rebel is totally fine with the detox overall

But… she is totally not fine with the rules

She HAS to break the rules

And if she doesn’t… there will be an amazing backlash as she leashes war post-detox on the Inner Goodie Two-Shoes

There will be  hell to pay after the detox has ended and re-emergence begins

The Inner Goodie Two-Shoes will be laid to R



It’s really inefficient

My experience with detoxing has led me away from rules and “right ways” of doing detox

 I’ve settled into the camp of guided inner exploration

Design your own

Figure it out as you go along


How I deal with my Detox Rebel

After biannual wars I’ve made some peace with my inner rebel

Basically, I give into her

I had a major cognitive breakthrough on this front after hearing a talk this summer with Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project

She spoke at the World Domination Summit last July about her classification system of the 4 Types of People:

 Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

  • The Upholder
  • The Questioner
  • The Rebel
  • The Obliger

Me and my husband landed squarely in the Rebel category

That probably explains why my “Ayurvedic Yogidetoxes” made room for many other types of detoxing early on

He hated Ayurvedic kitchari detoxing…and would rebel by not eating

For days

It wasn’t fun

So I started having him juice i


One detox he did the Edgar Cayce Apple + Black coffee detox

He loved it… detoxing with Black Coffee

Typical Rebel

Back to Gretchin’s system, I see a Questioner as a Rebel – and obviously not a rule-follower

  I associate the Upholder and the Obliger with Goodies Two-Shoes

I  break the system into two camps: Rebels and Goodie Two Shoes

Duality is just easier in this case


Are you a Rebel or a Goodie Two Shoes?

Goodie Two-Shoes love the structure of a detox

They want a menu schedule and a grocery list

They like checking off boxes and following the rules

They are going to do this detox right b

y hell or high water

These people can have a hard time settling into the Yogidetox with all of it’s deep instruction into your inner teacher and intuitive mind-body healing

Rebels may be fine with the intuitive mind-body healing… but they’ll still find a way to lie, cheat or steal in the process

They’ll make rules just to break them

If they don’t break the rules… the repression will cause more damage down the line

Rudimentary… but true enough


Why I let my Rebel cheat

I’ve found if I let me Rebel cheat a bit – especially at the beginning of a detox, a certain peace is made

I don’t suffer the war between the two during re-emergence

I’ll have a square or two of dark chocolate

I’ll have a handful of raisins

I’ll take a spoonful of raw honey

I’ll eat some of the beets in my veggie broth during a light liquids fast of juice and broth

or have a bowl of miso soup during a Master Cleanse

How rebellious… I know

These concessions will sound ridiculous to people who don’t detox and wh

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o eat a Standard American Diet

But to a Master Cleanser or  a Juice Feaster-Faster who fall in the Goodie Two-Shoes category of duality personality typing… these concessions sound equally ridiculous for opposite reasons

Who does she think she is leading planet-wide yogidetoxes –  she can’t even follow the rules


When a Goodie Two-Shoes Cheats

Gretchen Rubin’s theory is that when an Upholder (what I’m unfairly calling Goodie Two-Shoes) cheats… she goes hog wild

She won’t have a few squares of dark chocolate… the entire bar will disappear

Where the rebel just needs to break the rules… the Goodie Two-Shoes won’t stop there, but will go hog wild

As rebellious as I’ve been, I’ve never eaten a whole chocolate bar (or whatever) while cleansing

Without fail, every yogidetox cycle brings a Goodie Two-Shoes out of the closet

The last one told me on Day 4 of the Master Cleanse she slunk off to the bar for a burger and a beer

Most rebels won’t go that far

I find this hilarious

The Rebels are actually less rebellious that the Goodie Two-Shoes

Two-Shoes keeps herself on a short lease… because it works for her


Know Thyself

 Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

The basic teaching of detoxing is to figure yourself out

You’ve got to have some rules that get you to make ashift

You need to sit your butt on the cushion

You need to limit caloric intake

You need to cut off from mindless media and the overwhelm of distraction

And you’ve got to strip enough stuff away to stimulate your natural evolution

When you do this, inner universes are revealed

It’s freaking amazing

That’s why I do it seasonally

And in the process, we get to become besties with our subconscious tendencies

When that happens, we and the world are better off for it



Yes, you can still join us in the October Yogidetox

You get a 3 month Access Pass

Many won’t start their detox until November