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Amanda Rae

About Amanda Rae

Amanda Rae is a student and practitioner of life, which she has an interest of thriving in versus surviving in. She began practicing yoga 18 years ago and immediately noticed the effects it had on her relationships, mind, body and mood. Amanda is a 200RYT and has traveled to India, Costa Rica, and Greece studying Ayurveda. Amanda joined the Yogahealer team as it feels like a true Dharmic alignment. She is excited to connect with and help people looking for the tools to thrive in their lives and their wellness career through the Yogahealer worldwide community. Connect with Amanda here or join our community on our Facebook group Yoga Health Coaching Wellness Pro Challenge.

In this “Coach of the Month” interview, Amanda Rae talks with Kattie Maffeo, Yoga Health Coach of the Month, to discuss her path, her practice, her goals, and her successes with Yoga Health Coaching. Kattie and Amanda chat about how experiencing depression and anxiety in...