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Megan Pintus

About Megan Pintus

Megan joined the Yogahealer team in 2018. Her insatiable curiosity about ancient wisdom in a modern context led her to Cate and Yogahealer. She currently resides in the mountains of Colorado where she takes any opportunity she can to take extended travel in her camper. She has a background in Yoga, communication, events, marketing and is known as a "Jane of All Trades". Megan thrives on learning new skills and supporting others in any way she can to help them to live their ‘thrive’.

Hello and good morning! Happy Friday, Changemakers! This is Carly, and I am so excited today – it's Friday, the sun is shining, and I'm not sick! I've been sick all week. Not to mention my son is one year old, and he has clearly communicated...