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Beth Claxton

About Beth Claxton

Hi, my name is Beth Claxton. I’ve been an actively practicing OB/Gyn physician for the past 25 years and am currently working in a community health center in Flagstaff, AZ. Four years ago I was dealing with divorce, becoming a single mother of two daughters and carrying an enormous private practice workload. During this time I discovered Ayurveda and it transformed my life. Today I am healthy, happy, radiant, and more integrated than ever before. I share my journey in an online class I call Body Wise. I also teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). More info on me and my offerings can be found at my website.

As an OB/Gyn physician who often sleeps at the hospital waiting for a birth, I’ve found ways to incorporate my Ayurvedic-based self-care routine into my sometimes fractured schedule. This is especially helpful for sleepless nights when I’m away from home. I pack  a small...