The importance of a good night’s rest

The importance of a good night’s rest

The importance of a good night’s rest cannot be understated, which is why sleep is my keystone habit. “Go to bed!” That’s my mom’s voice telling me to get to bed so I can get enough sleep for school the next day.  So what did I do? I stayed up late, of course, because that’s what teenagers do. We are defiant, hormonal little beings and the importance of sleep was something never considered. Fast forward 30-plus years later and I can’t wait to get to bed early.

I relish my flannel sheets and my comfy pillow. My nightstand has all that I need at my fingertips; ear plugs, mouth guard, lavender oils, lip balm and of course my headphones. Listening to an inspirational talk, music, story or mediation is something I look forward to every night.

Of course—not being entirely perfect—I do break down and sneak in some Seinfeld or Scrubs some nights. Once the pillows are in the perfect position, my earphones are in (or at least one of them in and an earplug in the other ear—I’m usually on my side). I can relax and wind down with some Yoga Nidra or a good night-time story to lull me to sleep.

However, there are nights when the “insomnia beast” rears its ugly head. That’s when I am in an endless mind loop of things I should have done…things I shouldn’t have said…things to do tomorrow and other stuff crashing around in my brain distracting me from the rest I need.

I recently listened to Cate Stillman talk to Meaghan Minogue, who had great advice for when your mind starts to do this. Just say NO. NO! I will not let my brain take me down that road and NO I will not let my mind take over with these distracting thoughts.

Like I said, sleep is my keystone habit. When I sleep well my day starts right. It’s a fact. I’ve struggled with insomnia for more years than I can talk about. However, with the 10 Habits I am slowly able to call myself a “former insomniac.” And that feels good.