The Body Thrive path led Carly to a new and exciting world where all can be accomplished with ease. Adding YHC certification training to work and parenting is proving to be easy, with the right tools. Carly’s shattering old patterns and false beliefs about herself, to become the person that she and her family deserve.  Connecting? Connect and hear more about how Carly juggles life as a busy mom at Nourished living.

Stop Shoulding on Yourself - Healing Mind and Body with Yoga Health Coaching

Stop Shoulding on Yourself: Healing Mind and Body with Yoga Health Coaching

In this Changemaker Challenge episode, Carly Banks “gets naked” with newly certified yoga health coach, Kelly Gardner. Before Yoga Health Coaching, Kelly Gardner was teaching A LOT of yoga. She is also a licensed professional counselor offering mental health counseling and yoga therapy. She is gradually replacing time spent in those pursuits with Yoga Health…