Ayurveda vs. Ayurvidya: Where Dharma comes into play on the Path of Wisdom

Ayurveda vs. Ayurvidya: Where Dharma comes into play on the Path of Wisdom

In Ayurveda, you learn the wisdom, and it becomes your own. In Ayurvidya, that wisdom lives through you. Learn more about the difference between the two, and how Ayurvidya can help you empower others.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to truly live Ayurveda
  • How to connect with what you want
  • How to become more ignited


Links Mentioned in Episode:



Show Highlights:

  • Cate shares her Ayurvedic evolution
  • Cate reads about leadership and vision
  • Cate explains how she builds up her endurance



  • 02:02 The difference between Ayurveda and  Ayurvidya
  • 09:42 What most wants and needs to happen
  • 22:43 Connecting with desire and becoming the warrior
Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman

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Cate Stillman founded Yogahealer.com in 2001 to guide Yoga people into Ayurveda and Ayurveda people into yoga. Built on the value of both personal and planetary thrive and a deep connect to one’s ecosystem, community and body, Yogahealer grew into a team, 2 podcasts a week, regular blogging, an arsenal of courses to guide people into their potential, an a professional community + certification program Yoga Health Coaching. Cate wrote and self-published Body Thrive: Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Ayurveda, which helps people who dig yoga take a giant leap forward in their wellness trajectory with Ayurveda.

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