What Your Allergies Are Trying To Tell You

What Your Allergies Are Trying To Tell You

It was Spring. I'm 16, sitting in Western Civilization class which happened to follow lunch. I feel it building -the itch in my nose. The pressure in my sinuses is about to explode. A full blown sneeze attack mucus fest guaranteed. With each sneeze more juicy mucus empties through the floodgates of my nostrils. Do I have enough tissues to survive this without embarrassment? No. Argh! I use my notebook paper as a tissue. When will it end? This is so gross. Can I please be invisible?

Now that I'm allergy-free I look back and see the obvious internal imbalance of my allergies in graphic detail – the language my body was communicating to inform me how to avoid the unwanted outcome of allergies. Read on and I'll get you acquainted with what your allergies are trying to tell you. I'll give you simple solutions to decode and uproot the internal imbalances that cause your allergies. First, you need to to understand what the heck is going on here with allergies.

Why are you allergic to Nature?

To people with allergies we’re heading into allergy season. For everyone else, we’re simply entering into the season where Nature grows, thrives or decays. (People don’t have allergies in winter because Nature takes a break.)

Ever step outside and have a respiratory attack or mucus-removal fest? While it may appear you are allergic to Nature, chances are you're out of sync inside your body.  My experience is that out-of-sync bodies become reactive bodies when an internal tipping point is reached. This tipping point is often reached when seasons change.

What kind of allergies you have, and what else is going on inside you tells us how to uproot your allergies. To figure that out, you need to learn the language of allergies.

The language of Allergies 

Ayurveda understands the language of your allergies. Through the language of your allergies, Ayurveda does it’s best to interpret what your body is effectively communicating. Here are a few important statements your body is currently making:

  • What an acute attack is like, in juicy detail.
  • What your body is experiencing chronically, in juicy detail.
  • When they are worst, or best.

See how this plays out with me, Jack and Henry and you'll get insight into what is happening in you.

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Check out 3 allergy-attacked individuals.

(1)  Cate is sixteen. She’s a strong athletic gal with a sweet tooth. She can gain weight easily and keeps this in check with exercise and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. She’s suffered constipation since early childhood, but it’s gone undiagnosed. She started having allergies when she hit puberty in the form of itchy eyes and embarrassing amounts of snot, especially after meals.

(2)  Henry is a skinny 8 year old who seems to be allergic to everything. He gets really involved with imaginary play and has to be coerced into eating. His mother and doctor have determined he is allergic to 13 foods, 10 normal household substances, including dust, most animals, and grass. His allergic reactions vary from sneezing, wheezing, coughing, headaches, and random itching.

(3)  Jack is 40, has a high intensity job, a rapidly receding hairline, and a penchant for finding an effective hay fever medication. None of the medications he has tried work without unwanted side effects. However, if he doesn’t take them, his eyes get swollen and itchy to the point of interfering with his ability to work and meet with people. They get worse mid-morning and last until sunset.

From these 3 descriptions, you can see that what we call allergies ranges drastically. How they should be treated ranges drastically as well.

Now many of you, my holistic mavens, see a range of imbalances that are provoking the bodies immune response to the allergen. But, for those who don’t have a clue, I’ll spell it out.

Cate has ama in her system. Ama is undigested food that stores as toxin, first in the g.i. tract, and later wherever convenient in the body, which for her is her sinuses. Her ama built up from incomplete elimination. Her stomach lining is coated with mucus, which is why the attacks come after eating in the form of snot. Top 3 things Sally can do right now:

  • Detox to clear the ama
  • Take triphala or Downward Flow every night and every morning, up to 1 tsp. of powder in 4 oz. water
  • Enjoy crazy amounts of vegetables at lunch and dinner, especially the green variety

What should Hypersensitive Henry's mom do?

Henry needs some belly fire. His lack of internal combustion power is weakening his immune system, which is reacting on all fronts. He needs:

  • A strict routine around eating 3-4 times a day.
  • Taking some digestive spices or Fire Starter before meals.  A few pinches of ground fennel and cardamom mixed into a tbsp. of fresh yogurt would work.
  • Daily bath with oil massage to built immune integrity.

What should Itchy–Man Jack do?

Jack’s system is packed with a heat toxicity we call pitta ama in Ayurveda. His liver is stressed out from his high-intensity lifestyle and acidic diet. His body is now dumping toxic heat out through his eyes. Not an ideal toxic dumping ground. Top 3 things Jack can do right now:

  • Do an anti-inflammatory detox, and stick to an alkaline diet
  • Stick to a Pitta reducing lifestyle
  • Take Liver Repair in spring, summer and/or fall.

What do these 3 peeps have to do with you? First, ask yourself,

Are you out of sync?

If you have allergies, you're out of sync. Whenever I have any allergy reoccurance, even subtle allergies, I use that particular information to correct an internal imbalance. How you are out of sync determines what you need to do to uproot your allergy.

What You can do about allergies:

  1. Locate any imbalance within your inner environment and uproot it.
  2. Detox if strong enough.
  3. Strengthen your immune system if not strong enough to detox.
  4. Locate any pollutants in our outer environment and remove them.

What we shouldn’t do about allergies as a long term solution:

  • Medicate to suppress or mask symptoms of internal imbalance. Otherwise, plan for side effects.
  • Focus on removing external pollutants while ignoring internal imbalance.

I created a 2 hour Allergy Relief Workshop , which you can purchase for only $25 and download immediately, if you're looking for allergy relief for yourself or the peeps you take care of.

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