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Lynne Taillefer

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Lynne is a mother, Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Health Coach and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She devotes her waking hours to coaching other mothers online and in person to revitalized and rejuvenating lifestyle to give back to mother sense a control and calm with the family life. On another note, which we cannot forget is Lynne's passion to educate, share and relate us with our relations to nature's rhythm of the land to our plates and then to ours palate. She is an exceptional cook for retreats or home cooking to feed, and educate us about local organic and wild produce and what the land has to offer as medicine is her primary strength.

Yup that was me a few months ago: A know it all coach! As I dive deeper into my own self-discovery to be more fully and completely accessible for my clients, through my personal habit evolution, I am learning that habits are an expression of the...