Marcia Wilson is an Occupational Therapist, yoga studio owner, and certified Yoga Health Coach (certified) in Kamloops, BC. A life-long learner, she’s navigated career changes, motherhood, health issues and marital breakdown with increasingly refined skills gleaned from the world of yoga and ayurveda. Her current passion? Supporting others on their journey of evolution by sharing the simple self care practices that have shifted her into a consistent space of clear energy and deep connection.

Self Care and Health Care - Helping Patients Who Struggle with Change

Self Care and Health Care: Helping Patients Who Struggle with Change

Exercise. Stress management. Getting enough sleep. Monitoring sugar and salt intake. Every family physician, nurse practitioner and allied health professional knows the value of health habits and has recommended them to their patients.  Referrals are made to dietitians who educate on diabetes and physiotherapists who design post-surgical treatment plans. We educate on the relationship between…