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Yolanda de Cuevas

About Yolanda de Cuevas

I never imagined I would become as intimately connected to nature and her cycles as I have. I had no idea that this connection would bring me peace and ease. Instead I spent a good decade (or 2?!) distracted by a career and consumerism. Born in Cape Town, I spent time living in Spain and England before moving to Australia for another change in direction. Reconnection to my creative self and the gift of Motherhood came about while living in the pristine and remote physical environment of the Margaret River region in Western Australia. In the most recent decade Art, Yoga and Ayurveda have become companions for my creative life thanks to the guidance of wonderful teachers. I’m excited to share these amazing tools. I focus on small, practical and incremental changes which will have a surprising impact on your life. If you sense the tingle of change and would like some supportive company along the way, I would love to hear from you. You can join my #witnessthedawn challenge on social media on equinoxes and solstices each year.

I’m asking you to pause for a second, put down whatever else you are doing and step into your imagination. Give it your full attention. Your imagination has something enriching to share with you about your lunch. Become inspired by your self and the riches you...