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Kirstin Pinit

About Kirstin Pinit

Kirstin Pinit is a Yoga Health Coach, an artist, a student of yoga and massage therapy. She believes that life is more interesting when we seek and find meaning in small moments and go about our everyday routines with love and reverence. Kirstin practices and teaches how to use simple daily habits to unleash a joyful, sensual, creative life Kirstin shares her journey to becoming True Self on Instagram and explores what it means to make the shift to vibrant living on Facebook. Find out about her upcoming courses and collaborations at Kirstin's website.

Can you clear Ancestral Karma or the habits and patterns you’ve picked up from generations past? Tarpana is a practice that helps to clears your ancestral karma. It is one of the practices of Ayurveda that encourage you to remove the karmic burdens you carry and...