Announcing The Top 10 Yoga Health Coaching Blog Posts of 2017

Top 10 Yoga Health Coaching Blogs in 2017

Announcing The Top 10 Yoga Health Coaching Blog Posts of 2017


The numbers are in…cue the drum roll…Here are the top 10 Yoga Health Coaching posts of 2017. The best blogs of the year featured personal tips to help you dial in your habits and professional advice for coaches to better support their clients.

Top YHC blogs shared personal advice on everything from your morning coffee, to potty talk, to eye exercises when you’ve been at the computer far too long. In 2017, blogger, Alexandra Epple’s popular topics included deep dives into intermittent fasting and advice for menopause.

And for the yoga teachers and wellness coaches make sure to check out the blogs, ‘7 habits and 10 Tips to Grow Your Wellness Career and Your Yoga Values.’ Or get a great idea for a 2018 workshop by reading, ‘The Ayurvedic Clock,’ by Yolanda de Cuevas.

Looking Back

It’s always fun to look back and see what progress you have made and to see what topics and trends caught your eye throughout the year. Reviewing the past years’ worth of blog posts has been a great snapshot for me. With 95 new posts this year from over 20 authors we have a lot to share.

It completely amazes me what great things our coaches have to share and the advice I learn just from reading along. As an editor we see all the behind the scenes drama, growth and potential and today is our one day to share that with you. Here’s the inside scoop from the editors on what amazes us most about the blog and writers;

  • I’m always amazed at the growth I see in our writers over a few short months. Even though the first blogs are great (and there are a couple in the top ten) within a couple months of simply sitting down to write everyone grows so much as a coach and writer. – Krista
  • I love seeing how a little bit of feedback turns a great blog into an awesome one. After working on just a few blogs, I can see a few little stumbling blocks unique to the blogger which, when addressed, transform it into a powerful piece. I love the process of collaborating with bloggers. I learn as much as my bloggers! (? who wrote this, not me, Elise, Is this from Kari?)
  • We’re all in our “heads” so much of the time as humans, as Yoga Health Coaches, as teachers, and as professional healers. I love helping bloggers get out of their own heads. When writers get out of the way, amazing content comes through with ease. The paradox is that it’s a challenge to get out of your own way when you blog. The results are bloggers can share their message in a way that others can understand. Then the big magic happens when the whole process takes on a life of its own, helping bloggers to grow as coaches and people. -Elise

How Far Have You Come?

Take a moment as you reflect back on the year to check out not only the top 10 posts, but all the amazing wisdom shared on this forum. I am constantly amazed by the ideas and inspiration our writers share with each post.

Reflect back on what was new to you and what habits are totally dialed in every day.

Think about what habits you need to uplevel this year and get inspired to uplevel your habits and take your clients on a deeper journey with you.

And now in order of popularity online and on social media, here are our top ten blogs for our second year of publication…

Top 10 Yoga Health Coaching Posts This Year

1. 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Yoga Teachers, By Andrea Catherine

Hat-tip to Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Here is my list of habits that I aspire to avoid as a yoga teacher. I’ve done them all! If you are a yoga teacher you likely have, too. If not, share your secrets.



 2. Overweight Vata, By Cate Stillman

A majority of Western society is overweight. As a practitioner and/or student of ayurveda, it is difficult to assess whether excess weight is a vata or kapha issue. Cate shares her advice on how to tell the difference between vata weight and kapha weight as well as how vatas can work to bring balance (and weight loss) into their lives. Self massage, sipping warm water, even chewing gum are some of the habits Cate explains in this episode.



3. Bulletproof Coffee, Rocket Fuel Lattes, Ayurveda and Me, By Krista Strayer

There’s a new coffee craze sweeping the globe, especially among those who call themselves healthy. I would call myself healthy but at the same time I’m always coming up with a new justification for indulging in what I know is not good for me.

And before you think I’m judging – oh no! I freely admit to being addicted to my morning cup of brew. Ok, maybe not freely – admitting to drinking coffee is like coming out of the closet in Ayurvedic circles. I love the way it fulfills my need for a bitter taste and I love it even more for all the productivity I get from drinking it. Will this new craze let me enjoy it guilt free?


4. Intermittent Fasting: Go Without, Expand Within – By Alexandra Epple

Intermittent fasting has been a trendy subject lately. Yeah, detoxes and fasts in general have been on people’s minds for many years, but intermittent fasting seems to be the trend. What is it? Why would you want to do it? And what should you be fasting on are the central questions.


5. The Upside of Menopause, By Alexandra Epple

It was my birthday the other day. I turned 43. Not a bad number other than that it makes me realize that I am approaching menopause and midlife. I am not panicked really, but I am surely curious about what that means for my life and my body.




6. Are you a Pooping Machine? – By Yolanda De Cuevas

Can you taste the difference between your mother’s signature dish and the same dish prepared by someone else? Remember that you are not a machine. You have a mind, emotions and a spirit. How are you integrating the more subtle parts of yourself into your meals. Read on for how a visit to the art gallery inspired a new healthy take on digestion.



7.  9 Eye Exercises to Soothe Tired Eyes After a Long Day at the Computer, By Mary Sullivan

Do your eyes feel fatigue or strain at the end of a long day at the computer?  Or do you feel it after a long day in the strong sunshine at the beach? Add self-care to revitalize and to soothe tired eyes.

Tune into the video for a conversation on how our current habits mistreat how our eyes were developed and how these simple activities below can help bring balance back the eyes.


8. How to Treat a Problem with Peristalsis, By Alexandra Epple

The other day I was challenged. Challenged to take my knowledge deeper. It can be so agonizing. You know what I mean? And then so fulfilling too.

I was mentoring the pro healers on a call for the Living Ayurveda course. We talked about the vata subdoshas aka vayus. I got into a ‘disagreement’ with one of the students about which subdosha relates to peristalsis. She insisted on Samana, I pounded on Apana. Read on to see which coach was right…


9. The Ayurvedic Clock – Are You at War with Time?, By Yolanda DeCuevas

We expect our bodies to accrue energy and weather decades of debt resulting from failure to give our bodies the time to “repair and restore” at night. Each night we demand that our bodies focus on digesting a large rich meal instead of working on housekeeping tasks such as removing toxins and repairing damaged cells. The following morning we feel tired on waking, our sleep has not been deep and restful as our body has not been focused on restoring optimal functioning. We have been withdrawing from our body’s health account overnight, instead of adding credit by allowing important repair work to take place.This simple activity is a genius idea to help break the ice in a workshop to bring the focus on where we are fighting our natural time clock.


10. My Best 10 Career Tips to Grow Your Wellness Practice, By Cate Stillman

“Imagine if you as who you are today could have whispered something to yourself during your own graduation ceremony, what would that have been?” These top 10 tips for establishing your wellness career are the secret whispers of your future self. Check these out for the shortcut to learning how best to serve those that need to hear your message.



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Krista Strayer is the founder of Flourish Schools, providing teacher wellness support along with yoga and mindfulness resources for Elementary School Teachers. Sharing yoga and mindfulness resources only goes so far when the teachers are overwhelmed and exhausted. Inspired on a coaching call with Cate by the philosophy of Nourishing the Mother so the Child will thrive as the missing piece to support teachers. Krista has since been bringing the Yoga Health Coaching message into schools to Nourish the Teacher and the Students will Thrive. Krista is a “recovering” Engineer, perfectionist and workaholic turned essential oil addict.  She loves sunshine, skiing and being a “Dance Mom”.

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